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BLANkET Technical Report 27 - Review of 2013 Tasmanian data2114125/08/2014 5:10:55 PMBLANkET 1 Technical Report 27 AreviewofTasmanianairquality2013,with emphasis on Burn Brighter this winter 2013 Air Section, EPA Division, February 2014 1 Summary 30http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Unusually–elevated coarse particles concentration across Tasmania, 3rd January 20152114528/06/2015 3:15:51 AMBLANkET 1 Technical Report 30 Unusually–elevated coarse particles concentration across Tasmania, 3rd January 2015 Air Section, EPA Division, April 2015 Context of the BLANkET 22http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Forward Mining Ltd, Rogetta Project - Appendix E - Aquatic Impact Assessment10422425/10/2016 5:02:07 AMForward Mining Ltd Rogetta Project, Hampshire Aquatic Impact Assessment Report October 2016GHD | Report for Forward Mining Ltd- Rogetta Project, Hampshire 32/16526 | i Table of 34http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Shane Groves, Quarry expansion, Oonah Road, Highclere - EAR1241761/03/2017 11:41:05 PMBoard of the Environment Protection Authority Environmental Assessment Report S Groves – Quarry Expansion, Oonah Rd, Highclere I Shane Groves (S D Groves Earthmoving Pty Ltd 3http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
BLANkET Technical Report 24 - Smoke from the Mt Direction fuel-reduction burn, 29-30 May 20132113830/10/2013 2:13:21 AMBLANkET 1 Technical Report 24 Fuel–reduction burn at Mount Direction, Hobart, 29-30 May 2013 Air Section, EPA Division, June 2013 Context of the BLANkET reports BLANkET (Base-Line 27http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
EPA Board Communique April-May 20162141026/07/2016 2:45:20 AMMcRobies Gully Landfill, Hobart City Council – Assessment The Board assessed a proposed extension to the McRobies Gully landfill, South Hobart, submitted by Hobart City Council 50http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
BLANkET Brief Report 21 - Chimney smoke over a residential boundary2102229/11/2015 11:44:49 PMBLANkET 1 Brief Report 21 Abriefstudyofwoodheatersmokefroma neighbouring property, using measurements made with a hand–held particle counter and GPS Air Section, EPA Division 42http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Port Huon, 19th April 2012222458/08/2012 4:10:25 AMSmoke Complaint _Information Summary_Port Huon Page | 1 EPA DIVISION Smoke Complaint Information Summary Port Huon, 19 th April 2012 Smoke Complaint _Information 31http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
EPA Board Communique January 201712076428/02/2017 2:44:22 AMEPA Communiqué January 2017 The Board held its 99th regular meeting on Tuesday 9 January 2017 in Hobart Assessment of Tyre Recycle – proposed shredder at Longford Tyre Recycle 7http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Hazell Bros. Group Pty Ltd, Muddy Plains Quarry - EER216434/11/2016 4:02:27 AM          Muddy Plains Road Quarry Environmental Effects Report   Prepared By:   Barry Williams   Date:    28 October 2016  Issue  Date  Recipient  Organisation  Draft 1  20 July 2016  Mr 71http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
BLANkET Technical Report 29 - Smoke in northern Tasmania 14-15 October 20142114331/03/2015 4:19:37 PMBLANkET 1 Technical Report 29 Smoke in northern Tasmania from a west coast planned burn, 15th October 2014, and notes on the prevailing wind systems : ‘Turn right at the Tamar 31http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Tyre Recycle Tasmania Pty Ltd, Tyre Storage and Shredding - EAR1349412/02/2017 11:06:46 PMBoard of the Environment Protection Authority Environmental Assessment Report Tyre Recycle Tasmania – Tyre storage and shredding, Longford I Environmental Assessment Report 19http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Forward Mining Ltd, Rogetta Project - Appendix D - AMD and Hyrdrogeology Report1042231/11/2016 4:46:56 AMForward Mining Ltd Rogetta Mine Acid and Metalliferous Drainage and Hydrogeology Report October 2016 GHD | Report for Forward Mining Ltd - Rogetta Mine, 32/17262 | i Table of 35http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Cresswells Transport Pty Ltd, Eddy Creek Quarry Upgrade, Lonnavale - DPEMP2126327/10/2016 1:21:11 AM          Eddy Creek Quarry – Upgrade Cresswells Transport Pty Ltd Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan   Prepared By:   Barry Williams   Date:  25 October2016  Issue 84http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
BLANkET Brief Report 22 - Smoke measurements during a fire training exercise at Spreyton, October 20152102317/10/2015 12:53:19 AMBLANkET 1 Brief Report 22 Smoke measurements during a fire training exercise at Spreyton, northern Tasmania, 14 October 2015 ‘Burning down the house’ Air Section, EPA Division 38http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
UPSS2 - Underground Petroleum Storage System Decommissioning - Sampling and Risk Assessment Requirements2249628/07/2015 3:02:51 AMEPA TASMANIA TECHNICAL GUIDELINE v.2 July 2015 UPSS 2: Decommissioning Assessment - Sampling and Risk Assessment Requirements Page 1 This EPA Technical Guideline provides detail 192http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
TasWater, Blackmans Bay Sewage Treatment Plant - Appendix E - Odour Modelling Report6330216/11/2016 2:47:19 AMBlackmans Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant Odour Impact Assessment Status: Draft for Comment Project No.: 83503021 26/7/2016 Our ref: C:\Users\David\Dropbox\Projects\J1517 60http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Forward Mining Ltd, Rogetta Project - Appendix A Design Summary Report10421122/11/2016 2:20:10 AMForward Mining Ltd Rogetta Project Design Summary November 2016 GHD | Report for Forw ard Mining Ltd - Rogetta Project, 32/17262 | i Table of contents 1. Introduction 60http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Information Bulletin 114 - Guide to Engaging an ESA Consultant2174829/11/2012 10:55:25 PMInformation Bulletin No.114 Guide to Engaging an Environmental Site Assessment Consultant November 2012 V 1.0 Environmental site assessments (ESAs) are inherently complex and 75http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
TasWater, Blackmans Bay Sewage Treatment Plant - Supplement849349/02/2017 10:29:55 PMDelegate for the Board of the Environment Protection Authority BLACKMANS BAY WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT UPGRADE I refer to your letter dated 15 December 2016 regarding the request 14http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf