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BLANkET Brief Report 22 - Smoke measurements during a fire training exercise at Spreyton, October 20152102317/10/2015 12:53:19 AMBLANkET 1 Brief Report 22 Smoke measurements during a fire training exercise at Spreyton, northern Tasmania, 14 October 2015 ‘Burning down the house’ Air Section, EPA Division 39http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
BLANkET Technical Report 26 - Smoke in northwest Tasmania2114012/11/2014 1:11:25 AMBLANkET 1 Technical Report 26 Smoke in North–west Tasmania: 8October2013;12November2013; and Notes on bushfire smoke: NSW smoke in Tasmania, 20 October 2013; Tasmanian bushfire 27http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
BLANkET Technical Report 28 - Invermay monitoring, winter 20142114210/03/2015 11:28:18 AMBLANkET 1 Technical Report 28 PM 2.5 levels at a residence in Invermay, Launceston, Tasmania – July 2014: The signature of individual smoke plumes Air Section, EPA Division, March 48http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
BLANkET Technical Report 29 - Smoke in northern Tasmania 14-15 October 20142114331/03/2015 4:19:37 PMBLANkET 1 Technical Report 29 Smoke in northern Tasmania from a west coast planned burn, 15th October 2014, and notes on the prevailing wind systems : ‘Turn right at the Tamar 35http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
TasWater, Blackmans Bay Sewage Treatment Plant - Appendix B - Ecological Appendices6329916/11/2016 2:47:07 AMFLORA AND FAUNA ASSESSMENT Blackmans Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Advice prepared by Tasflora for Consulting Environmental Engineers November 2014 Flora 36http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
TasWater, Blackmans Bay Sewage Treatment Plant - Appendix C - Sewage Treatment Plant Contingency Management Manual6330016/11/2016 2:47:59 AMSewage treatment plant Contingency Management Manual Issue date: 20 October 2015 Document no: IEM-MAN13 Uncontrolled when printed Page 1 of 4 Version no: 0.1 The Contingency 27http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Forward Mining Ltd, Rogetta Project - Appendix C - Planning Assessment1042138/12/2016 3:22:32 AMForward Mining Ltd Rogetta Mine Planning Assessment October 2016 GHD | Report for Forward Mining Ltd - Rogetta Mine, 32/17262 | i Table of contents 1. Introduction 44http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Forward Mining Ltd, Rogetta Project - Appendix I - Rogetta Mine Site - Historic10422816/12/2016 12:56:24 AM Rogetta Report Final Investigations Heritage Historic Project AUTHORS Collins Dr and Huys Stuart NAME: 17.4.2015 CLIENT: GHD Figure 1: The location of the Rogetta 41http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Forward Mining Ltd, Rogetta Project - Appendix K - Traffic Impact Assessment10425526/10/2015 1:44:27 AMForward Mining Ltd Rogetta Project Traffic Impact Assessment October 2015 GHD | Report for Forward Mining Ltd - Rogetta Project, 32/17262 | i This report has been prepared by 41http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Information Bulletin 101 - Notification of a Contaminated Site2174530/11/2012 4:35:50 AMInformation Bulletin No.101 - Notification of a Contaminated Site Version November 2012 1 Site contamination may result from a range of industrial, commercial, agricultural and 76http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Hazell Bros. Group Pty Ltd - EAR1160496/04/2017 5:22:35 AMBoard of the Environment Protection Authority Dan Rd, off Bass Highway, near Elizabeth Town Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 3http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Forward Mining Ltd, Rogetta Project - Appendix F - Flora and Fauna Survey1042259/12/2015 9:52:21 PMo Forward Mining Ltd Rogetta Project, Hampshire Flora and Fauna Report December 2015 GHD | Report for Forward Mining Ltd – Rogetta Project, 32/17262 | i Executive Summary 47http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
TasWater, Blackmans Bay Sewage Treatment Plant - Appendix A - Design Drawings6329816/11/2016 2:46:56 AMReferences Datum C disclosed to third parties, or copied or reproduced wholly remains the property of TasWater and must not be This drawing and the information it contains is, and 50http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
EPA Board Communique June-July 20162141810/08/2016 12:32:15 AMSponsorship Requests The Board sponsors a select number of events and programs each year with funding provided through the Environment Protection Fund (EPF 57http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
S E and T M Fullbrook, Increase in Production - EER221302/09/2016 3:29:22 AMEER - Mining lease 1492 P/M " Fairbanks " Nabowla May 2014 Department of Primary Industries , Parks , Water and Environment 77http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd, Benbullen Quarry - EER5938214/03/2017 4:01:22 AMTasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd Benbullen Quarry Environmental Effects Report February 2017GHD | Report for Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd - Benbullen Quarry, 3218294 | i Table of 18http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
IMAS Technical Report on Macquarie Harbour Condition802298/02/2017 1:24:43 AMInterim Synopsis of Benthic and Water Column Conditions Prepared for the EPA and DPIPWE Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania, Private Bag 49 254http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
EPA Board Communique January 201712076428/02/2017 2:44:22 AMEPA Communiqué January 2017 The Board held its 99th regular meeting on Tuesday 9 January 2017 in Hobart Assessment of Tyre Recycle – proposed shredder at Longford Tyre Recycle 12http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Gadtech Materials Pty Ltd, DPEMP10426016/12/2016 1:51:35 AMVan Diemen CONSULTING PO BOX 1 NEW TOWN TAS 7008               DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL AND  ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN      DROMEDARY QUARRY  BOYER ROAD, DROMEDARY 45http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Final Signed Sewage Management Directive2150918/12/2013 10:40:21 PMFinal Signed Sewage Management Directive - 18 December 160http://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf