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UPC Robbins Island Pty Ltd, Robbins Island Renewable Energy Park, Northwest Tasmania

Public Comment Invited Until 24 January 2018

The Proposal
Draft DPEMP Guidelines and Public Submissions
Notice of Intent
For Further Information

The Proposal

UPC Robbins Island Pty Ltd proposes to lodge a permit application for a wind energy project under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 with the Circular Head Council. The project involves up to 200 wind turbines over the western two-thirds of the island producing up to 1000 MW.  It includes the construction of a sub-station on Robbins Island, a switching station at West Montagu, a transmission line from the Robbins Island substation to the network switching station and a transmission line from the West Montagu network switching station to either the existing Smithton substation or a new substation associated with a new Bass Strait interconnector.

It also includes suitable access between Robbins Island and mainland Tasmania in the form of a causeway and bridge as well as the possibility of a marine landing and wharf on the east coast of the island for large size components.

The proposal is subject to environmental impact assessment in accordance with the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994.

The Board of the Environmental Protection Authority will require the proponent to prepare a Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan (DPEMP) to support the permit application.

The project has been determined to be a controlled action under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) (EPBC reference number 2017/8096) on the grounds that it is likely to have, a significant impact on the following matters of national environmental significance:

  • Listed threatened species and communities (sections 18 and 18A); and
  • Listed migratory species (sections 29 and 20A).

  • The proposal will be assessed by the EPA Board in the manner specified in the Bilateral agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Tasmania under Section 45 of the EPBC Act relating to environmental assessment.

    Draft DPEMP Guidelines and Public Submissions

    Draft DPEMP Project Specific Guidelines (the draft Guidelines) have been prepared which identify the key issues that must be addressed in the DPEMP for the proposal. Public comment on the draft Guidelines is invited.

    A guide for preparing a public submission can be found on the internet at: http://epa.tas.gov.au/assessment/assessment-process/guide-for-preparing-a-public-submission​Written submissions on the draft guidelines should be received by 5 pm on 24 January 2018 at:

    Board of the Environment Protection Authority
    GPO Box 1550
    HOBART TAS 7001
    Email: epaenquiries@environment.tas.gov.au

        Draft DPEMP PSGs Robbins Island   (852Kb)

    Notice of Intent

    The statutory assessment process commences with the submission of a Notice of Intent (NOI) by the proponent.  The NOI is prepared by the proponent and provides an overview of the proponent, the proposal, proposal location and potential impacts that may be caused by the proposed activity.

        Robbins Island NoI_RevB - Final   (5Mb)

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