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  1. Burn Brighter this Winter

    Information about reducing smoke from domestic chimneys.
  2. Domestic Smoke Management Program - Burn Brighter this Winter

    Air pollutants including woodsmoke can be a serious health risk. The Burn Brighter this Winter Project aims to educate people to reduce woodsmoke in the community.
  3. Burn Brighter this Winter 2013

    Under the second phase of the Domestic Smoke Management Program, officers from the EPA Division of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment collaborated with local councils to reduce domestic wood smoke in two focus areas in Geeveston and Hadspen.
  4. Burn Brighter This Winter 2012 - Results

    Results of Burn Brighter this Winter 2012 for West Hobart and East/South Launceston focus areas
  5. Legislative Context - Air

    An overview of the legislation relating to air quality in Tasmania.
  6. Air Quality in Tasmania

    Introduction to the activities of the EPA Division in air quality.
  7. Changes to Ozone Protection Regulation

    Licences are required for people who buy, sell, store or handle ozone depleting or synthetic greenhouse gas.
  8. Management of Planned Burning

    Information on the measures undertaken by agencies and industry to improve planned burning practices and complaint handling.
  9. Current Devonport Air Monitoring Data

    Current unvalidated air monitoring data from the Devonport air monitoring station.
  10. Monitoring Air Pollution

    Information on the air quality monitoring activities, stations and data collected by the EPA Division.
  11. Reducing Air Pollution

    Information on strategies to reduce air pollution
  12. Tasmanian Air Quality Strategy

    An overview of the Tasmanian Air Quality Strategy.
  13. Useful Links - Air Quality

    A list of useful links to information about air quality