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State of the Environment Reports

State of the Environment (SoE) reporting is a process for describing, analysing and communicating information on conditions and trends in the environment. It also describes the context and significance of the conditions and trends. Air quality information is included as part of SoE reporting.

National State of the Environment Report

National SoE reporting is carried out on a continental scale for the land and for coastal and marine environments, and includes Australia's external territories. The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 requires that a national SoE Report be produced every five years. This provides scope for changes in environmental pressures and condition to be tracked over the long term. See: Commonwealth State of the Environment (SoE) reporting website.

Tasmanian State of the Environment Report

The centrepiece of SoE reporting in Tasmania is the production every five years of a comprehensive report that assesses conditions and trends in the environment, the achievement of resource management objectives, and which provides recommendations for future action to be taken in relation to the management of the environment. The Tasmanian SoE includes a chapter on air quality covering ambient (outdoor) air quality issues, indoor air quality issues, climate change issues and ozone depletion issues. See: Tasmanian Planning Commission website/.

Hobart City Council State of the Environment Report

In December 1998, Hobart City Council released the first State of the Environment report for the Hobart municipality. This documents environmental issues affecting the area, and the ways in which the local environment is managed. It represents a good introduction for those interested in learning more about the relationship between Hobart and the natural environment. A copy of the SoE report can be purchased from the Hobart City Council. See: Hobart City Council for further information.


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