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Information for Consultants

Consultants involved in atmospheric dispersion modelling in Tasmania must be familiar with Clause 11.1 and Schedule 2 of the Environment Protection Policy (Air Quality) 2004.

Consultants should contact the EPA Division Air Modelling Officer and discuss their modelling project
or phone 03 6165 4599.

The Air Modelling Officer will be able to ensure the modelling tools to be used will be adequate and may be able to assist with information about relevant data sources. A Draft of the Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling Guidelines is available.

The Director of Environmental Management has approved several models for use in Tasmania. These include:

  • TAPM (V4.0 or later). TAPM was developed by the CSIRO for predicting the dispersion of air pollutants and provides a range of outputs for visual interpretation of pollutant dispersion under changing weather conditions and summary statistics.
  • Calmet/Calpuff (V6.4 or later). Calmet/Calpuff is a pair of meteorological and dispersion models developed in the US and adopted by the US EPA as a preferred model for assessing long range transport of pollutants.
  • Ausplume (V6.0 or later). Ausplume has been developed by the Victorian EPA as a plume dispersion model for Australia and is suitable for modelling ground level concentrations of pollutants including odours from point sources and area sources. This model is likely to be replaced by AERMOD in the future.

It has to be noted that AERMOD or Ausplume models can only be used if the assumption that meteorological conditions are spatially uniform (or near uniform) is valid and there is no large water body present. Such conditions are not very common in Tasmania because of its complex topography.

The NSW Department of Environment and Conservation have provided useful guidance documents for modellers including CALMET/CALPUFF users.

The New Zealand Ministry for the Environment has prepared a useful guide to atmospheric dispersion modelling.​

Air Modelling Specialist
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