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 Resource Recovery & Waste

  1. Waste Management

    The EPA applies a modern and effective regulatory approach in Tasmania to reduce the impacts of waste generation and to significantly increase the reuse, recycling and sustainable treatment of wastes. The EPA is responsible for the regulation of waste management activities and supports businesses committed to sustainable resource management.
  2. Litter

    Establishes education as an important tool in managing litter.
  3. Waste Minimisation

    The benefits of reducing, re-using and recycling waste materials include reducing our reliance on natural resources, capturing the embodied materials and energy in the things we have originally purchased, reducing landfill and saving money. The EPA encourages individuals, schools, the community, government, businesses and industry to reduce the production of waste in Tasmania.
  4. Waste Related Resources

    View a full list of waste related publications, including online forms and legislation.
  5. Legislative Context - Resource Recovery & Waste

    The EPA’s responsibility for regulating the environmental impacts of waste and resource recovery related activities is clearly identified and defined by a range of statutory and non statutory instruments.