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The environmental assessment report contains an environmental assessment and conclusions of the Board in relation to the proposal.
Date: 26/07/2016

Report on Burn Brighter 2012 Project
Date: 31/01/2013

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Operators of larger wastewater treatment plants annually report plant performance using the AER template.
Date: 27/08/2013

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Guidelines to advise how EPA Board makes decisions regarding Development Proposals.
Date: 18/06/2014

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EPA Communique March-June 2014
Date: 7/07/2014

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Review Report 2015 of Air Quality EPP 2004
Date: 25/08/2015

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EPA Good Practice Sustainability Nomination Form
Date: 2/08/2013

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Proforma for Comments
Date: 12/03/2008

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Table showing details of prosecutions by the EPA Division that came to court during the period May 1996 to July 2011.
Date: 15/07/2011

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A form for submitting notification of a contaminated site under Section 74B of EMPCA.
Date: 30/11/2012