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 Contaminated Land & Groundwater

  1. Identification and Assessment of Contaminated Land

    Contaminated site assessment involves a staged process of investigation and risk assessment undertaken by suitably qualified and experienced consultants. The EPA Division provides a list of potenitally contaminating activities and the property information request service to assist with site history reviews. The EPA Division also supports the planning process, which requires sites to be suitable for their intended use, by providing an assessment report review service for planning authorities where a site with a history of contamination is changing to a sensitive use.
  2. Regulation of Contaminated Land

    In Tasmania, contaminated sites are regulated under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA). Where a pollutant is released into the environment at levels that cause or are likely to cause environmental harm, the person responsible must notify the Director, EPA. The assessment of contaminated sites must be in accordance with the NEPM (Assessment of Site Contamination) 1999 or as varied, which is a state policy.
  3. Publications and Useful Resources - Contaminated Sites

    The EPA Division has produced information bulletins which cover a range of contaminated land issues. A Property Information Request Form is also available. Links to a number of useful resources have been provided to assist in the assessment and management of contaminated land.