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Australian Packaging Covenant Tasmanian Action Plan

The Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) is a voluntary industry and government initiative to reduce the environmental impacts of packaging by encouraging improvements in packaging design, higher recycling rates and better stewardship of packaging.  The APC

contributes to the overall National Waste Strategy, seeking to minimise the generation of all sources of waste and maximise its recovery and recycling.

The Tasmanian Government has developed an Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) Action Plan, July 2010 to June 2015, in accordance with the APC obligations for signatories.

The five year strategic plan sets out the priorities, strategies and actions that will be employed to deliver further progress on the National Packaging Covenant, which ended in 2010. The EPA Division will be the key body implementing, and reporting on the Action Plan.

The EPA Division will continue to work with regional local government groups and the Local Government Authority of Tas, the Packaging Stewardship Forum, other state government agencies, relevant industry groups and the community to achieve the objectives of Covenant.

The key priorities for the Tasmanian Government under the APC are:

  • Work with government procurement officers in relation to using the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, and developing sustainable procurement (‘buy green’) policies and procedures;
  • Continue to recognise achievements of Tasmanian signatories through environmental awards (or similar schemes);
  • Continue to promote PPR and kerbside recycling within the community, particularly at environmental festivals, and recycling within government agencies (through internal networks/intranet);
  • Continue to support and promote the use of recycled materials within Tasmania (e.g. the use of recycled glass in civil engineering projects);
  • Ongoing work with local and federal governments to improve data collection and reporting.
  • Continue to provide the Litter Reporting Hotline.

View a copy of the Australian Packaging Covenant, Tasmanian State Government Action Plan 2010-15.

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