Strategic Plan

​​​​​The Strategic Plan is currently under review by the Board and is expected to be finalised in 2023.

​​​​​​​​​​The key priorities and functions of the EPA will be outlined in the​​ new EPA Strategic Plan, which will encompass the responsibilities of the Director and Board, and the support provided by staff. It will also incorporate contemporary Ministerial expectations for the EPA and commitments of the EPA Board to meet those expectations.

The EPA's first Strategic Plan in 2009 was a Plan to establish the new statutory body in the Tasmania community, while the Strategic Plan in 2012 clarified the legislative framework under which the EPA operates, and sets out its purpose, values, priorities, scope and approach. 

​The latest 2016-19 Strategic Plan focused on the close w​​​orking relationship between the Board, Director and staff of the EPA, and identified the key priorities for the EPA as a whole over the three-year timeframe of the Plan. 

  EPA Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019   (769Kb)​