Aboriginal and Dual Naming Policy

​​The EPA supports the Tasmanian Government's Aboriginal and Dual Naming Policy which allows geographical features and places to be given both an Aboriginal language name and an introduced name of areas that have significance to Tasmania's Aboriginal history. 

The policy provides for the preferential assignment of Aboriginal names for previously unnamed natural features or places - such as rivers and mountains - as well as allowing for the addition of Aboriginal names to existing official names of natural features or places.

On 15 September 2022 the EPA Executive supported the policy that all future public EPA documentation and the EPA website will reflect dual names. This is in line with the Place Names Act 2020 which states that the Surveyor General will keep a Register of all approved place names, which is reflected on LISTmap.

Further information about the Aboriginal and Dual Naming Policy and legislative requirements can be found on the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania website - Aboriginal and Dual Naming.