EPA Gender Equality Principles

Workplace equality will enable all EPA staff access to the same rewards, resources and opportunities (regardless of gender), where our employees’ individuality will be respected.

Everyone has ​​access to employment opportunities 

  • The EPA recognises that some groups of people may experience additional barriers in gaining employment. 

  • ​​​​The EPA strives to remove the barriers that can prevent people from achieving equality in employment opportunities. 

​​Our staff are valued and respected 

  • Each staff member is valued. 

  • ​All staff are listened to, respected and appreciated for the unique qualities, skills and experiences they bring to their work in the EPA. 

​​We support our staff to be the best they can be

  • Workplaces should be safe and rewarding places where people are supported to contribute their ideas and knowledge to produce quality outcomes for the Tasmanian community. 

  • ​The EPA aims to support all staff to achieve their career aspirations.2 

Flexible work arrangements will not be a barrier to the equita​ble treatment of our staff 


1 Workplace Gender Equality Agency, "The Business Case for Gender Equality” 

2 The principles aim to support the State Service Principles listed in section 7 of the State Service Act 2000​

PDF version of the Principles:  EPA Gender Equality Principles (PDF 133Kb)