EPA WHS Policy Statement

​​​​Work Health and Safety (WHS) is an important issue for everyone. This Policy Statement reflects the EPA's position on WHS.

Safety is everyone's responsibility

Our EPA commitm​​ents

  • Safety is a right, not an option

  • Everyone including employees, contractors, volunteers, clients and visitors has a responsibility for safety; their own and the safety of others

  • Our target is for zero injuries

  • Developing and implementing our work health and safety (WHS) management system to meet current legislative standards and requirements.

  • Developing and implementing WHS plans, policies and procedures

  • Identifying, assessing and controlling higher risk activities to an acceptable level

  • Providing induction and training to enable all workers to work safely

  • Consulting with all workers including employees, volunteers and contractors about decisions that may affect their health and safety

  • Providing adequate human and financial resources to support WHS requirements

  • Regularly review our system against measurable objectives and targets to ensure continuous improvement in WHS

  • Ensuring effective communication about WHS matters occurs with all stakeholders including employees and unions.​

Wh​ile at work, all workers, including employees, volunteers and contractors, will:

  • take all reasonable care to ensure good health and safety practices are always implemented

  • identify and support measures to eliminate or minimise unsafe conditions including reporting all accidents, incidents and hazards

  • assume personal responsibility for their own safety and for others by always operating in a safe and appropriate manner

  • comply with any reasonable direction to follow a safety policy, procedure or instructions given by management or an employee.

We will comply with the Work Health and Safety Act 2012, associated regulations and Codes of Practice.

This policy applies to all business operations and functions.


Wes Ford


1 March 2022​​

PDF Version of the Policy Statement: EPA WHS Policy Statement (PDF 123Kb)​