Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Environmental Licences) Regulations 2019


The Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Environmental Licences) Regulations 2019 have been made under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA) to support various provisions of EMPCA which relate to finfish farming, which were inserted by the Finfish Farming Environmental Regulation Act 2017. A key feature of the finfish farming provisions is the Environmental Licence instrument. Environmental licences are used to regulate all finfish farming activities. 

​Legislation ​​Online

The Regulations are available online at the Tasmanian Legislation website.​


Provisions of the E​​nvironmental Licences Regulations include: 

  • A special penalty for the contravention of environmental licence conditions relating to the rate of dissolved nitrogen output from a fish farming activity (similar to the special penalty prescribed under Marine Farming Planning Regulations 2016)  - for EMPCA section 42C(5)

  • The number of days before a fixed-term licence expires by which an application for renewal must be lodged - for EMPCA section 42S(2)

  • infringement notice offences and penalties - for EMPCA section 72

  • criteria for the determination by the Director on whether or not to refer an environmental licence application or licence variation application (relating to a marine farming activity) to the Board for assessment - for EMPCA sections 42I(3) and 42O(2)​​.​