Tasmanian Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plan (TasPlan)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Tasmanian Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plan (TasPlan) outlines the response and arrangements in place in the event of a spill into the Tasmanian marine environment, and a number of sub-plans sit under TasPlan.​

  Tasmanian Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plan (TasPlan)   (2Mb)​

Note: some documents on this page require a password and some linked sites require a login.  Please contact the Marine Pollution Officer (details below) for access.

First Strike Plans

  Derwent River First Strike Plan   (7Mb)

  D'Entrecasteaux Channel First Strike Plan   (4Mb)

King Island First Strike Plan - in development

Ringarooma Bay First Strike Plan - in development

Bass Strait Island First Strike Plan - in development

Port Davey First Strike Plan - in development

Associ​​ated Plans

  TasPorts Oil Spill Contingency Plan   (1Mb) - password protected

  Macquarie Island Fuel Spill Contingency Plan   (11Mb) - password protected

  Tasmanian Oiled Wildlife Response Plan (WildPlan)   (185Kb)

  Marine Resources Oil Spill Plan 2016   (307Kb)

 State Recovery Plan    (1Mb) - password protected

Tasmanian Oil Spill W​​aste Management Plan - in development

Public Information Sub Plan - in development

Australian Marine Oil Spill Plan (AMOSPlan)

​​Other Documents and Links

  Aide-Memoire for Marine Pollution Response   (4Mb)

National Environmental Maritime Ope​rations (NEMO) - login required

NEMO - Equipment Listing​ - login required

Weather and Tide - www.bom.gov.au​

Primary and Secondary Port Pilotage Areas​ - LISTmap

Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA)​

​Reference Documents

  Deed of Agreement between MAST, TasPorts and the Crown   (912Kb) - password protected

Memorandum of Understanding with​ TFS - in development

  Offshore Petroleum Industry - Guidance Note   (669Kb)

  Contacts Directory   (256Kb) - password protected

  Guidelines for the collection of oil samples   (132Kb)

  Volatile Organic Compounds Levels flowchart   (125Kb)

  Collector App User Guide   (509Kb)

  List of probable Incident Control Centres   (140Kb)