Environment Protection Policy Review Panel

​​The Environment Protection Policy Review Panel (the Panel) is a statutory body established under Section 96A of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994.

The primary function of the Panel is to conduct assessments of Draft Environment Protection Policies. The Panel:

(a) must consider all submissions properly made to it in respect of the draft environment protection policy and impact statement; and

(b) may hold hearings in respect of any submission or group of submissions; and

(c) may modify the draft environment protection policy; and

(d) must, within 42 days after the completion of the consideration of submissions and the holding of all hearings, submit to the Minister:
  (i) a report on the findings of the Panel; and
  (ii) if the Panel has modified the draft environment protection policy, a copy of that modified draft environment protection policy; and

(e) must publish notice of its report to the Minister in the Gazette and make the report and the modified draft environment protection policy, if any, available to the public.

The Review Panel consists of ​the following persons:

(a) the chairperson who is the chairperson of the Tasmanian Planning Commission; and

(b) at least 3 other members with appropriate skills, qualifications and experience who are appointed by the chairperson