current real-time BLANkET data

EPA Tasmania, BLANkET air-quality data-plot selection page.

1/ Web table of current data (suitable for vision-impaired users):

This link will take you to a web table of current air quality data (suitable for screen readers for vision-impaired users).

2/ Accessing validated reference data from the three main air stations (Hobart, Launceston, Devonport)

Validated reference data for the major Tasmanian EPA air monitoring stations can be found at this page. These data pass through a quality-assurance process, and hence will only be available several weeks after collection.

3/ Indicative air quality data (including current data)

This web page allows you to view plots of indicative PM10 and PM2.5 data for the Tasmanian EPA BLANkET air monitoring stations.

You need to have javascript enabled in your browser (which is probably the case already) to use this page to select and show data plots.

The map at right shows the current station configuration and most recent data available from the BLANkET network.
You may need to use your 'refresh' or 'reload' button to see the latest data.

Use the controls below to select a plot and view it.

The plot will open in a new tab or new window (depending on your browser settings).

The plot for 'today' and 'yesterday' will show the most recent two days of data from the selected station.
Note that some stations are no longer operational. The 'current year' plots are automatically updated at 01:00 am (AEST) each day.
Automated checks are conducted on these data, but they are subject to revision.

Select the type of plot you wish to view:   
If needed, enter the year for the annual plot - for example 2012   

Select the station from the drop-down list:     

Click the button to display the plot.                

4/ Real-time data map of PM2.5 with colour-coded symbols:

This link displays a real-time data map for PM2.5 with values colour-coded by category.

5/ 'Slideshow' views of station data:

   Slideshow of plots of the most recent 3 days of station data.
   Slideshow of plots of the most recent 30-days of data (as day-averaged values).

6/ Live tables of data, updated approximately every 10 minutes

   Text file of current PM2.5 and PM10 data.
   Text file of current meteorological data.

   This link shows a schematic map displaying current PM2.5, PM10 and meteorological data.

7/ Air quality news and updates

   This link is to air quality news, updated as circumstances require.

   Please see the important information about BLANkET.