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Grange Resources, Savage River Mine Tailings Storage Facility

EPA Assessment Complete.

The Proposal
Public Exhibition of Documentation and Public Representations
DPEMP Guidelines
Notice of Intent
Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan
Environmental Assessment Report and EPA Decision
For Further Information

The Proposal

Grange Resources (Tasmania) Pty Ltd  had proposed to construct and operate a new tailings storage facility, waste rock dump and associated works.

The proponent had lodged a Permit Application with a supporting Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan (DPEMP) to Waratah-Wynyard Council.

The application was referred to the Board of the Environment Protection Authority (the Board) for assessment under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA).

The proponent had referred the proposal to the Australian Government for consideration under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). The Australian Government had determined that the proposal is a controlled action (EPBC 2012/6393) on the grounds that it is likely to have a significant impact on the following matters protected by the EPBC Act:

  • Listed threatened species and communities (sections 18 and 18A)

As such, it required assessment and approval by the Commonwealth Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

The proposal has been assessed by Tasmania in the manner specified in the Bilateral Agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Tasmania under Section 45 of the EPBC Act.

Public Exhibition of Documentation and Public Representations

A copy of the permit application and all plans and other documentation submitted with the permit application (including the DPEMP) were available for public inspection. The public comment period is now closed. 

Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan

The purpose of the DPEMP is to provide a source of information upon which interested individuals, groups, government agencies and the Board may consider the environmental impacts of the proposal.

The DPEMP was prepared by the proponent on the basis of the project specific guidelines for preparation of a DPEMP which were provided by the Board.

Grange Resources ( Tasmania) Pty Ltd , Savage River Mine, DPEMP

Appendices A-G

Appendices H-N

Appendices O-V

Submitted in response to the Boards call for further information following the public comment period.

Grange Resources , SDTSF - Supplement

Grange Resources , Appendix A - South Deposit TSF Design

Grange Resources , Appendix B - Technical Advice on Water

Grange Resources , Appendix C - Aquatic Science

Grange Resources , Appendix D - RGS Environmental

Grange Resources, Appendix E - Supplementary Peer Review

Grange Resources, Appendix F - Tasmanian Devil Management Plan

Grange Resources, Appendix G - Water Quality Monitoring Program

Grange Resources, Appendix H - Review of Risks Associated with Developing SDTSF


DPEMP Guidelines

DPEMP Guidelines, prepared by the Board, assist the proponent in preparing the case for assessment. The guidelines identify the key issues which, based on the information in the NOI, are expected to be key issues for the assessment of the proposal.  

Grange Resources, Savage River Mine Final - DPEMP Guidelines 

When a satisfactory case for assessment has been prepared and a permit application lodged with Council, public submissions will be invited on the application.

Notice of Intent

Grange Resources, Savage River Mine, Notice of Intent 

Environmental Assessment Report and EPA decision

The environmental assessment report has now been completed and can be viewed below. The report contains the permit conditions required by the Board to be included in the land use permit, if a permit is granted, by Council. The Commonwealth Environment Minister will make a separate determination under the EPBC Act.

Grange Resources ( Tasmania ) Pty Ltd , Savage River Mine - EAR

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