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TasWater, Rosebery Wastewater Treatment Plant , Rosebery

EPA Assessment Complete

The Proposal
Public Exhibition of Documentation and Public Representations
Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan
Environmental Assessment Report and EPA Decision
For Further Information

The Proposal

TasWater had proposed the installation and operation of a new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to service the Rosebery township at Direens Corner, at the end of Chester Avenue, Rosebery.  The WWTP has been designed to receive and treat an average daily flow of 0.41 ML/day, with an expected flow of 1.6 ML/day during wet weather.  Treated wastewater will be discharged from a new outfall to the Stitt River downstream of the Rosebery township.

The proponent had lodged a Permit Application with a supporting Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan (DPEMP) to West Coast Council.

The application was referred to the Board of the Environment Protection Authority (the Board) for assessment under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA).

Public Exhibition of Documentation

A copy of the permit application and all plans and other documentation submitted with the permit application (including the DPEMP) were made available for public inspection.  The public comment period is now closed.

Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan

The purpose of the DPEMP is to provide a source of information upon which interested individuals, groups, government agencies and the Board may consider the environmental impacts of the proposal.

The DPEMP was prepared by the proponent on the basis of the Project Specific Guidelines for preparation of a DPEMP which were provided by the Board.

  TasWater, Rosebery Wastewater Treatment Plant - DPEMP Part 1   (2Mb)

  TasWater, Rosebery Wastewater Treatment Plant - DPEMP Part 2   (2Mb)

  TasWater, Rosebery WWTP - DPEMP Project Specific Guidelines   (2Mb)

 Appendix A - Site Plans   (26Mb)

  Appendix B - Rosebery RFP Influent Data Analysis and Design parameters   (224Kb)

 Appendix C - FPP GEW00_CLS_Endorsed   (2Mb)

  Appendix D - Natural Values Altlas Report Dirrens Corner WWTP 01112012   (3Mb)

  Appendix E - Rosebery influent averages updated Aug 13   (76Kb)

 Appendix F - Rosebery GHD Reuse only   (761Kb)

  Appendix G - Brief of Survey Findings on proposed improvements to infrastructure   (3Mb)

 Appendix H - LoA_CLS   (108Kb)

  Appendix I - Ltr_CLS_TasWater_Rosebery WWTP_DA_Consent   (57Kb)

  Appendix J - Rosebery WWTP Project Community Consultion Overview - Planning Phase 020713   (576Kb)

  Appendix K2a - AMP summary data   (633Kb)

  Appendix K2b - AMP Pieman summary   (11Kb)

  Appendix K2c - AMP Stitt summary   (11Kb)

  Appendix K3 - Stitt River Stream Flow Report - Macquarie Franklin   (2Mb)

  Appendix K4 - Stitt River flow analysis updated Aug 13 March 2013 (2)   (461Kb)

  Appendix K5 - Stitt River flows March 2013 (1)   (117Kb)

  ​Appendix L1 - MMG Report   (6Mb)

  Appendix L2 - Davies Aug 13 report (1)   (1Mb)

  Appendix M - EPA Draft WQO s Stitt River at Rosebery   (787Kb)

 Appendix N - Rosebery WWTP Air Quality Impact Assessment_Rev1_withAppendices (1)   (9Mb)

  Appendix N1 - MWH technical memorandum response to EPA Comments on Modelling Report Tech Memo   (350Kb)

  Appendix O1 - 15519-3-2   (299Kb)

  Appendix O2 - Mixing Zone Assessment   (666Kb)

  Appendix O3 - ERA for Rosebery STP   (2Mb)

  Appendix O4 - L02_Rosebery_Bypass_FINAL   (590Kb)

  Appendix P - ECOtas_CMW0001_StittRiver_Report(2)   (2Mb)

  Appendix Q1 - Geotech Geoton GL13098Ab_Report Binder Part 2 (2)   (7Mb)

  Appendix Q2 - Geotech Geoton GL13098Ab_Report Binder Part 2 (1)   (7Mb)

  Appendix R - Rosebery Wastewater Treatment Plant, Historic Heritage Desktop Assessment   (982Kb)

  Appendix S2 - MSDS Caustic Soda (1)   (75Kb)

  Appendix S2 - MSDS Alum Sulphate(2)   (405Kb)

  Appendix S2 - MSDS Alum Sulphate(3)   (405Kb)

  Appendix T1 - 20850 Rosebery VESDA GHD Report   (37Kb)

  Appendix T2 - EarlyFireWarningRiskMatrix (1)   (197Kb)

  Appendix T3 - Fire Hazard Plan   (150Kb)

  Appendix U1 - Factor UTB Process Flow Diagram (1)   (2Mb)

  Appendix U2 - Rosebery WWTP General Arrangement   (363Kb)

DPEMP Supplement

  TasWater , Rosebery Wastewater Treatment Plant - DPEMP Supplement   (14Mb)

Environmental Assessment Report and EPA decision

The environmental assessment report has now been completed and can be viewed below. The report contains the permit conditions required by the Board to be included in the land use permit, if a permit is granted, by Council.   

  TasWater, Rosebery Wastewater Treatment Plant - EAR   (10Mb)

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