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See the headings below for more information about each stage of the EPA assessment process. ​

Assessmen​​​t Commenced

At this stage, development proposals have been accepted for assessment by the EPA. The statutory process has started, but detailed documentation is not yet ready to be released for public comment.

Public Comment Invited

The assessment process includes an opportunity for the public to comment on proposed developments. This takes the form of a written submission ('representation'). Submissions are invited from the public for a set period of 14, 28 or 42 days, depending on the 'class of assessment' (2A, 2B or 2C). These timeframes are prescribed under section 27G(2) of the EMPC Act.

​​​Draft 2C Guidelines

The EPA issues the proponent of every proposed development with guidelines for preparing an EER or EIS. For class 2C proposals, which are often large, complex or likely to generate a high level of public interest, these guidelines are made available for public comment at the draft stage. The proposal will re-enter the 'Public Comment Invited' stage once a satisfactory Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is received. For 2A and 2B proposals, there is no public comment period for draft guidelines.

​EER or EIS (Case for Assessment)

The statutory period of public comment opens once a proponent has submitted comprehensive documentation, which takes the form of an Environmental Effects Report (EER) or an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The EER or EIS is published on the proposal page, allowing for informed consideration by the community. ​

Note: Before 2019, the term “Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan" (DPEMP) was used instead of EIS. Proposals that started the assessment process before 2019 will still use the term DPEMP. ​

Please see the Guide for Preparing a Public Submission​ page for information about making an effective submission.

Public Comment​ Closed

Once the public comment period ends, each proposal will move to this stage. 

Where public comment was received on draft guidelines, the guidelines may be modified to address issues raised.  The proposal will re-enter the 'Public Comment Invited' stage once a satisfactory Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is received.

Where public comment was received on an EER or EIS, the proponent may be required to prepare a supplement to address issues that were raised. The supplement will be added to the proposal page, but there will not be a further period for public comment. 

Once the EPA Board has made its final determination, the Environmental Assessment Report will be added to the proposal page, and it will move to 'Assessment Complete'.

Assessment Complete

Once an assessment is completed, the EER/EIS, Environmental Assessment Report and the EPA Board's decision will be displayed on this website for five years. Assessments completed more than five years ago have been archived. Please contact us if you require information about an assessment process that is no longer on the site.

More information is available on the Assessment Process page.

​Note: Case for Assessment is the collective term for documents submitted by proponents and may take the form of an EIS, EER or, in the case of some older proposals, a DPEMP.

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MSD Constructions Pty Ltd, Windsors Quarry Extension, Hayes

The proposal is for the extension of the quarry footprint only, the existing regulatory limit of 20,000 cubic meters per annum will not change nor will the method of extraction and production.

Case for Assessment closed for public comment: 13/5/2024

TasWater, Expansion of Selfs Point Wastewater Treatment Plant, New Town

The proposal is to increase the treatment capacity of Selfs Point Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to accommodate predicted flows from both the existing Selfs Point WWTP and those currently treated by Macquarie Point WWTP. The treatment capacity of Selfs Point WWTP will be increased from 10.4 ML/day to 26 ML/day to provide adequate treatment capacity for anticipated catchment growth over the next 30 years.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 6/6/2024

East Arm Resources Pty Ltd, Aggregate Processing Facility, Long Reach

East Arm Resources Pty Ltd proposes to build and operate an Aggregate Processing Facility (APF) to receive and process into aggregates the rock extracted from the East Arm Road Quarry. The APF includes crushers and screens, conveyors, loaders, hoppers and associated infrastructure (hardstand, powerline, power substation, sediment and drainage systems and ponds, water tank). The proposal also includes a haul road and bridge over Fourteen Mile Creek.

Assessment Commenced: 22/4/2024

BG & JM Barwick Pty Ltd, In-vessel Composting Facility, Boyer

The proposal involves the construction and operation of an in-vessel composting facility, producing up to 14,500 tonnes of compost product per year. The proposal composts within a closed loop system and includes a negative pressure facility that captures and treats (through a biofilter) odour produced from the composting process.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 5/6/2024

ReProcess Tas Pty Ltd, Scotts Road Risdon Vale, Waste Depot

The proposal is for a waste storage and reprocessing facility at Risdon Vale. The site processes a total of 60 050 tonnes of material per year, materials include; concrete and rock, vac truck waste, sand, timber, soil, green waste and subbase gravel. Materials are treated on site by crushing, screening, washing and stored onsite before reuse.”

Assessment Withdrawn: 30/4/2024

St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Pty Ltd, St Patricks Plains Wind Farm, Central Highlands Tasmania

St Patricks Plains Wind Farm, a subsidiary of Ark Energy Projects Pty Ltd (formerly Epuron Projects Pty Ltd) has proposed to construct and operate a wind farm.

Case for Assessment closed for public comment: 25/9/2023

Downie & Co, Bashan 5 Mile Quarry, Central Highlands

The proponent proposes the extraction of dolerite rock from an abandoned forestry quarry near Lake Echo with an annual production limit of 100,000m3. The activity will use drill, blast and crushing techniques to produce road building materials for a proposed wind farm in the vicinity.

Assessment Commenced: 6/3/2024

ReNu Energy Limited (Countrywide Hydrogen) - Hydrogen Tasmania North - Wesley Vale

The proposal is to construct and operate a 5 MW hydrogen production facility and associated infrastructure at 226 Mill Road, Wesley Vale, in northwest Tasmania. The facility will produce up to 690 tonnes per year of hydrogen, using water as the raw material. The hydrogen will be captured and stored as a gas and made available to vehicle refuelling.

Assessment Commenced: 4/4/2024

Grange Resources (Tasmania) Pty Ltd, North Pit Underground Operations, Savage River Mine

Grange Resources (Tasmania) Pty Ltd is proposing to develop an underground mine below North Pit at Savage River Mine. The mine will be conducted in two stages, the first a trial mine developed using sub-level caving methods, followed by a main underground stage involving block cave mining.

Case for Assessment closed for public comment: 23/4/2024

White Beach Civil Solutions Pty Ltd, White Beach Quarry Capacity Increase

White Beach Civil Solutions Pty Ltd is seeking approval to increase the maximum annual production capacity of the existing White Beach Quarry to 30,000 cubic metres of processed product.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 20/5/2024

Southern Midlands Council, Fishs Quarry Production Increase, Oatlands

Southern Midlands Council is proposing to increase production at the Fishs Quarry, located off Interlaken Road, approximately 5 kilometres north west of Oatlands. The proposal involves a production increase from 15,000 cubic metres to 35,000 cubic metres of dolerite per year, and includes the crushing and screening of material.

Assessment Commenced: 8/3/2024

The Cornwall Coal Company Pty Ltd, Cullenswood 6, St Marys

The Cornwall Coal Company Pty Ltd is proposing to extract up to 50,000 tonnes of raw coal per annum from a new open cut pit in the Cullenswood area.

Draft guidelines closed for public comment: 4/4/2024

TasWater, Bicheno Wastewater Treatment Plant and Recycled Water Scheme Expansion Project

The proposal is to continue to operate the existing Bicheno Sewage Treatment Plant and existing effluent recycled water scheme at the Bicheno Golf Club, and to expand the wastewater reuse scheme to other nearby properties, with the aim of significantly reducing discharges to the Old Mines Lagoons.

Case for Assessment closed for public comment: 3/4/2024

Michael James Kelly, Kelly Quarry, Scotts Road, Mole Creek

Michael Kelly is proposing the establishment of a new quarry on Scotts Rd, Mole Creek. This quarry is proposed to produce 20,000 cubic metres of limestone and associated material for agricultural and industrial purposes. The quarry is located approximately 5km south of the town of Mole Creek.

Assessment Commenced: 9/2/2024

King Island Council, Grassy Quarry Increased Production, Mine Road, Grassy, King Island

King Island Council is proposing to intensify its existing crushing operations at the Grassy Quarry, located on King Island approximately 900m south of Grassy. The proposal involves an increase in annual production limit from 5,000m3 to 25,000m3 of rock crushed per year.

Assessment Commenced: 30/6/2023

Meander Valley Council, Deloraine Landfill, Tip Road, Deloraine

Meander Valley Council is proposing to increase the height of the existing landfill area at Deloraine Landfill by two metres. The increase would provide an additional two years of landfill disposal at Deloraine Landfill (based on the filling rates from previous years).

Assessment Completed 12/3/2024

South Arm Pipeline, Class A Water Treatment Plant, Blackmans Bay

Proposal to construct and operate a plant to treat Class B effluent from Blackmans Bay STP to Class A effluent for use in an effluent reuse scheme at South Arm Recreational area. The EER covers the construction and operation of the plant and the application of re-use water for the South Arm recreational area.

Assessment Completed 20/2/2024

TasWater, Macquarie Point Sewage Pumping Station

The proposal is for a sewage pumping station with a design average dry weather flow pumping capacity of approximately 160 litres per second and 1.85 megalitre emergency storage

Assessment Completed 14/2/2024

Bell Bay Powerfuels Pty Ltd, Bell Bay Powerfuels Project - Bell Bay

Bell Bay Powerfuels Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of ABEL Energy Pty Ltd) proposes to construct and operate a green methanol facility that will produce 300,000 tonnes of green methanol per annum by combining synthesis gas (syngas) from gasification of forestry residues with green hydrogen from water electrolysis powered by renewable onshore wind power.

Draft guidelines closed for public comment: 10/1/2024

Pioneer Quarries Tas 4 Pty Ltd, Saltwood Road Sand Recovery Project, Bridport

Pioneer Quarries Tas 4 Pty Ltd are proposing to recommence operations at the existing Saltwood Road Sand Recovery Project in Bridport. They are proposing to increase permitted sand extraction from 57,000 cubic metres to a maximum of 350,000 cubic metres per year. The project is located approximately six kilometres east of Bellingham and 12km west of Bridport. Sand extracted from the site will be used for production of local asphalt and concrete.

Assessment Withdrawn: 15/2/2024

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