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See the headings below for more information about each stage of the EPA assessment process. ​

Assessmen​​​t Commenced

At this stage, development proposals have been accepted for assessment by the EPA. The statutory process has started, but detailed documentation is not yet ready to be released for public comment.

Public Comment Invited

The assessment process includes an opportunity for the public to comment on proposed developments. This takes the form of a written submission ('representation'). Submissions are invited from the public for a set period of 14, 28 or 42 days, depending on the 'class of assessment' (2A, 2B or 2C). These timeframes are prescribed under section 27G(2) of the EMPC Act.

​​​Draft 2C Guidelines

The EPA issues the proponent of every proposed development with guidelines for preparing an EER or EIS. For class 2C proposals, which are often large, complex or likely to generate a high level of public interest, these guidelines are made available for public comment at the draft stage. The proposal will re-enter the 'Public Comment Invited' stage once a satisfactory Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is received. For 2A and 2B proposals, there is no public comment period for draft guidelines.

​EER or EIS (Case for Assessment)

The statutory period of public comment opens once a proponent has submitted comprehensive documentation, which takes the form of an Environmental Effects Report (EER) or an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The EER or EIS is published on the proposal page, allowing for informed consideration by the community. ​

Note: Before 2019, the term “Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan" (DPEMP) was used instead of EIS. Proposals that started the assessment process before 2019 will still use the term DPEMP. ​

Please see the Guide for Preparing a Public Submission​ page for information about making an effective submission.

Public Comment​ Closed

Once the public comment period ends, each proposal will move to this stage. 

Where public comment was received on draft guidelines, the guidelines may be modified to address issues raised.  The proposal will re-enter the 'Public Comment Invited' stage once a satisfactory Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is received.

Where public comment was received on an EER or EIS, the proponent may be required to prepare a supplement to address issues that were raised. The supplement will be added to the proposal page, but there will not be a further period for public comment. 

Once the EPA Board has made its final determination, the Environmental Assessment Report will be added to the proposal page, and it will move to 'Assessment Complete'.

Assessment Complete

Once an assessment is completed, the EER/EIS, Environmental Assessment Report and the EPA Board's decision will be displayed on this website for five years. Assessments completed more than five years ago have been archived. Please contact us if you require information about an assessment process that is no longer on the site.

More information is available on the Assessment Process page.

​Note: Case for Assessment is the collective term for documents submitted by proponents and may take the form of an EIS, EER or, in the case of some older proposals, a DPEMP.

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Boral Construction Materials Group Pty Ltd, Nook Quarry Development Project, Nook

Boral proposes to recommence quarrying in a mining lease immediately adjacent to their current operations in Nook, approximately 8km north of Sheffield. The quarry’s proposed annual production levels (110,000 cubic metres) and operational conditions are not proposed to change.

Assessment Commenced: 28/6/2024

Mornington Park Development Pty Ltd, Expansion and Upgrade of Hydrowater Treatment Facility, Mornington

Mornington Park Development Pty Ltd proposes to expand and upgrade the existing Hydrowater Treatment Facility at 126 Mornington Park Road, Mornington to allow for receipt, storage, treatment and disposal of up to 30,000 tonnes of material per year.

Assessment Commenced: 16/12/2022

Sims Group Australia Holdings Limited, Sims Metal Recycling Relocation, Rocherlea

The project entails the construction and operation of a metals recycling facility at the Site, with the capacity to process a volume of up to 25,000 tonnes per annum. Sims currently processes 15,000 tonnes per annum at its Invermay and Bell Bay sites and this volume will be diverted to the Site for processing, with closure of the existing two sites. Materials will be sourced from a variety of generators including public, municipal and manufacturing sources.

Assessment Commenced: 1/7/2024

Tasmanian Advanced Minerals Pty Ltd, South Blackwater Silica Mine, Blackwater Road

Tasmanian Advanced Minerals Pty Ltd is proposing to undertake a new silica mine, adjacent to its existing silica mine at Blackwater Silica Mine in North-West Tasmania. The proposed extraction limit is 75,000 tonnes per year, including crushing and screening of material

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 7/8/2024

Venture Minerals Limited, Mt Lindsay Mine, Tullah

A new underground Tin-Tungsten-Magnetite-Copper mine including temporary surface waste storage and operating infrastructure.

Assessment Withdrawn: 25/5/2023

Venture Minerals Limited, Mt Livingstone Mine, Tullah

A new iron ore mine comprising extraction at the Mt Livingstone site, crushing and screening at the site of the existing Riley Mine and Direct Shipment of Ore (DSO) via truck to Burnie port and onward shipment.

Assessment Withdrawn: 25/5/2023

MMG Australia Pty Ltd, South Marionoak Tailings Storage Facility, Rosebery

MMG Australia Pty Ltd is proposing to construct a tailings storage facility (TSF) to store approximately 25 million cubic metres of tailings on a greenfields site approximately 2 km west of Rosebery, West Coast. The project would also include access roads, tailings pipelines, and a pipe and possible vehicle bridge over Lake Pieman.

Draft guidelines closed for public comment: 7/8/2021

Guildford Wind Farm Pty Ltd, Guildford Wind Farm, North West Tasmania

Guildford Wind Farm Pty Ltd (formerly Epuron Projects Pty Ltd & Ark Energy Projects Pty Ltd) proposes to construct and operate a Wind Energy Farm.

Draft guidelines closed for public comment: 28/11/2020

St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Pty Ltd, St Patricks Plains Wind Farm, Central Highlands Tasmania

St Patricks Plains Wind Farm, a subsidiary of Ark Energy Projects Pty Ltd (formerly Epuron Projects Pty Ltd) has proposed to construct and operate a wind farm.

Assessment Completed 2/7/2024

Bluestone Mines Tasmania Joint Venture Pty Ltd, Rentails Project, Renison Bell

Bluestone Mines Tasmania Joint Venture has proposed to construct and operate a materials processing plant and associated minerals extraction and waste deposition activity.

Draft guidelines closed for public comment: 25/2/2018

ACEN Robbins Island Pty Ltd, Robbins Island Renewable Energy Park, Northwest Tasmania

ACEN Robbins Island Pty Ltd proposes to lodge a permit application for a wind energy project under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 with the Circular Head Council.

Assessment Completed 8/12/2022

Venture Minerals Limited, Mt Lindsay Mine

Venture Minerals Limited has proposed to construct and operate a Tin-Tungsten-Magnetite Mine off Pieman Rd, 25 km west of Tullah.

Assessment Completed 20/10/2021

Venture Minerals Ltd, Mt Livingstone Mine

Venture Minerals Limited has proposed to construct and operate a hematite mine (direct shipping ore) off Pieman Rd, approximately 42 km by road west of Tullah.

Assessment Completed 20/10/2021

Westcoast Renewable Energy Pty Ltd, Whaleback Ridge Renewable Energy Project, West Coast Region

This project has been declared a major project under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993, resulting in the Environment Protection Authority becoming one of several ‘relevant regulators’ for the project. The project proposal involves the construction and operation of a large-scale wind energy project in the west coast region, comprising up to 500 wind turbine generators (WTGs) with a projected generating capacity of approximately 3,000 megawatts and ancillary infrastructure including a network of access roads, electrical infrastructure, and operations facilities.

Assessment Commenced: 13/3/2024

Hazell Bros Group Pty Ltd, Asphalt and Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Processing Plant, 1 Crooked Billet Drive B'water

Hazell Bros Group Pty Ltd are proposing to construct and operate a new asphalt and reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) processing plant within an industrial area of Bridgewater, producing a maximum of 50,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of asphalt and receiving and processing up to 5,000 tpa of reclaimed asphalt pavement.

Assessment Commenced: 31/5/2024

Downie & Co, Bashan 5 Mile Quarry, Central Highlands

The proponent proposes the extraction of dolerite rock from an abandoned forestry quarry near Lake Echo with an annual production limit of 100,000m3. The activity will use drill, blast and crushing techniques to produce road building materials for a proposed wind farm in the vicinity.

Assessment Commenced: 6/3/2024

Copping Refuse Disposal Site Joint Authority, Copping Regional Organics Facility, Copping

The proposal is for an organics treatment facility adjacent to the existing Copping Landfill for the processing of up to 30,000 tonnes of food organics and garden organics (FOGO) from municipal collections. Other organic wastes may also be composted. Three composting options are being considered including in-vessel composting, anaerobic digestion methods and open windrow composting, with in-vessel composting proposed as the main system. It is proposed to utilise the methane gas generated from the anaerobic digestion system to contribute fuel to the existing (or new) generator and feed into the existing electrical network at the adjacent landfill site.

Assessment Commenced: 18/6/2024

CMTP Pty Ltd, Branxholm Sawmill Intensification, Branxholm

CMTP are proposing to increase production from 20,000m3 to 60,000m3 per year at the Branxholm Sawmill and undertake associated building works including construction of a new building, upgrades to the sawmill line and modification to sorting, stacking and debarking systems.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 13/7/2024

ReProcess Tas Pty Ltd, Risdon Vale Waste Depot, 20 and 42 Scotts Road, Risdon Vale

ReProcess Tas Pty Ltd, located at 20 and 42 Scotts Road, Risdon Vale, proposal is for the development of an existing, but unapproved waste depot, to receive a range of construction and demolition materials and soils (regularly from its demolition activities undertaken by Spectran Civil) but also from various contractors, local councils, government, and business bodies in the region. These materials (concrete, sand, soils, timber etc.) undergo a range of treatments to process them into materials suitable for reuse within the construction and civil sectors.​

Assessment Commenced: 18/6/2024

Hydro Tasmania, Tarraleah Redevelopment Project, Western and Upstream Component

The proposal relates to the redevelopment of the Tarraleah Hydropower Scheme and has multiple aspects. The following aspects related to the construction of the new conveyance infrastructure, which includes crushing of approximately 246,000 cubic metres of rock. are to be assessed by the EPA: • headrace pipeline, connected to the intake on Lake King William and tunnel; • arched headrace tunnel, approximately 12 km long; • access tunnels and portals to headrace and power tunnels; • surge tower; and • pumping station upgrades and additional pipeline. The proposal component to be assessed by the EPA will be located around the Clarke Dam area of Lake King William to near Tarraleah Village. Components to the east and downstream involving the new hydropower pump station, new transmission lines and new switchyard are to be assessed by Central Highlands Council.

Assessment Commenced: 6/6/2024

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