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See the headings below for more information about each stage of the EPA assessment process. ​

Assessmen​​​t Commenced

At this stage, development proposals have been accepted for assessment by the EPA. The statutory process has started, but detailed documentation is not yet ready to be released for public comment.

Public Comment Invited

The assessment process includes an opportunity for the public to comment on proposed developments. This takes the form of a written submission ('representation'). Submissions are invited from the public for a set period of 14, 28 or 42 days, depending on the 'class of assessment' (2A, 2B or 2C). These timeframes are prescribed under section 27G(2) of the EMPC Act.

​​​Draft 2C Guidelines

The EPA issues the proponent of every proposed development with guidelines for preparing an EER or EIS. For class 2C proposals, which are often large, complex or likely to generate a high level of public interest, these guidelines are made available for public comment at the draft stage. The proposal will re-enter the 'Public Comment Invited' stage once a satisfactory Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is received. For 2A and 2B proposals, there is no public comment period for draft guidelines.

​EER or EIS (Case for Assessment)

The statutory period of public comment opens once a proponent has submitted comprehensive documentation, which takes the form of an Environmental Effects Report (EER) or an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The EER or EIS is published on the proposal page, allowing for informed consideration by the community. ​

Note: Before 2019, the term “Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan" (DPEMP) was used instead of EIS. Proposals that started the assessment process before 2019 will still use the term DPEMP. ​

Please see the Guide for Preparing a Public Submission​ page for information about making an effective submission.

Public Comment​ Closed

Once the public comment period ends, each proposal will move to this stage. 

Where public comment was received on draft guidelines, the guidelines may be modified to address issues raised.  The proposal will re-enter the 'Public Comment Invited' stage once a satisfactory Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is received.

Where public comment was received on an EER or EIS, the proponent may be required to prepare a supplement to address issues that were raised. The supplement will be added to the proposal page, but there will not be a further period for public comment. 

Once the EPA Board has made its final determination, the Environmental Assessment Report will be added to the proposal page, and it will move to 'Assessment Complete'.

Assessment Complete

Once an assessment is completed, the EER/EIS, Environmental Assessment Report and the EPA Board's decision will be displayed on this website for five years. Assessments completed more than five years ago have been archived. Please contact us if you require information about an assessment process that is no longer on the site.

More information is available on the Assessment Process page.

​Note: Case for Assessment is the collective term for documents submitted by proponents and may take the form of an EIS, EER or, in the case of some older proposals, a DPEMP.

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Tartana Resources Limited, Zeehan Zinc Project Stage 2, Tasmanian Smelters Site, Zeehan

Tartana Resources Limited is seeking a permit to extract historic zinc slag from the former Tasmanian Smelters site on Henty Road, Zeehan.

Case for Assessment closed for public comment: 2/7/2022

NRM South, Reef Builder Southeast Tasmania, D'Entrecasteaux Channel

This proposal seeks to restore up to six hectares of Australian flat oyster reefs at three sites in the Derwent Estuary and D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

Assessment Commenced: 5/11/2021

Woodside Energy Ltd, H2TAS Renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia Facility, Long Reach

Woodside Energy Ltd proposes to construct and operate an ammonia production plant that will produce up to 800,000 tonnes of ammonia per year.

Draft guidelines closed for public comment: 27/6/2022

Cleanaway Daniels Services, Clinical Waste Treatment Facility

The proposal is for the treatment of clinical waste via autoclave and penetrative steam.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 25/7/2022

B.C and J.L McConnon, McConnons Quarry, Buckland

B.C. and J.L. McConnon proposes to add a mechanical screen and crushing plant to the existing McConnon’s Quarry extractive activity at Buckland.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 9/7/2022

Artificial Reef in Great Bay, D'Entrecasteaux Channel

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) is proposing to construct an artificial reef in Great Bay for recreational fishing purposes.

Case for Assessment closed for public comment: 25/6/2022

Thurlow Metal Recycling Pty Ltd, Metal Recycling Facility, Bridgewater

Thurlow Metal Recycling Pty Ltd is proposing to receive and process scrap metal including car bodies, batteries, engines, refrigeration units, drums and gas cylinders for recycling.

Assessment Completed 20/6/2022

Hazell Bros. Group Pty Ltd, Leslie Vale Quarry, Capacity Increase

The owners of the existing quarry propose to increase the extractive capacity from 583,000 cubic metres to 1,250,000 cubic metres. This will entail intensification of existing activities, more frequent blasting, extending hours of operation for most activities and taking secondary crushing, loading, and trucking to 24 hour operations.

Draft guidelines closed for public comment: 18/6/2022

Wayne Johnston, Kryden Quarry Intensification, Meander Road

The proposal is to expand the operations of an existing quarry extracting up to 31,250 cubic metres (50,000 tonnes) rock or gravel, including ripping, drilling and blasting. The material will be crushed and screened on site.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 4/7/2022

Downer EDI Asphalt Plant, Mowbray

The proposed asphalt plant will replace an existing Downer EDI facility on a different site, which will be decommissioned. The plant will enable the incorporation of recycled plastics, glass, flyash, rubber and recycled asphalt material as well as bitumen and crushed rock to a maximum of 50,000 tonnes per annum.

Assessment Completed 15/6/2022

Lardner Excavations, Beacom Hills Quarry, Irishtown Road, Smithton

The development application is seeking approval for the addition of materials handling (crushing and screening ) of up to 5,000 cubic metres/year to an existing quarry currently authorised to extract up to 6,000 cubic metres gravel or rock. The application also seeks to increase the land area of the quarry to include whole area under Certificate of Title 170402/1.

Assessment Commenced: 31/5/2022

Hobart Milk Factory Pty Ltd, Hobart Milk Factory, Moonah

Hobart Milk Factory Pty Ltd are seeking to operate a milk pasteurisation and bottling factory with a processing capacity of 8000L in an 8 hour working day.

Case for Assessment closed for public comment: 21/5/2022

K Noble and Anita Wedd, Knaw Quarry, Dysart

A new level 2 quarry extracting up to 11,000 cubic metres (17,600 tonnes) per annum gravel. Of this volume up to 5,000 cubic metres may be crushed and screened.

Case for Assessment closed for public comment: 10/6/2022

UPC Robbins Island Pty Ltd, Robbins Island Road to Hampshire Transmission Line

UPC Robbins Island Pty Ltd is proposing to construct and operate a power transmission line from Robbins Island Road to Hampshire, through North-West Tasmania.

Draft guidelines open for public comment until: 27/6/2022

Break O'Day Council - Scamander Inert Landfill, Coach Road, Scamander

Break O’Day Council is proposing to construct and operate an inert landfill at the site of a former Level 2 putrescible landfill, which currently operates as a municipal waste transfer station. The proposal is to accept up to 3,000 tonnes of inert waste per year, to be filled in cells and then capped.

Case for Assessment closed for public comment: 11/6/2022

D N Hughes, Western Junction Quarry, Southern Expansion

The proposal involves the extension of the existing mining lease in a southerly direction and a retraction of the currently approved extraction area closer to the Launceston Airport runway. No changes to the current regulatory limits or methods of extraction are proposed. The activity is currently approved to extract and process up to 312,500 cubic metres of material per year.

Assessment Completed 6/6/2022

Artec Woodchip Mill Upgrade, Bell Bay

Artec Pty Ltd proposes to continue using both a diesel and electric chipper, and are seeking to use the diesel chipper more than 120 hours per month until such time as a second electric chipper is constructed. No change is proposed to maximum production quantity of 600,000 bone dry metric tonnes per year.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 5/7/2022

Duggans Pty Ltd, Catos Hill Quarry Capacity Increase, Cradoc

Duggans Pty Ltd proposes to increase extraction and processing of material at an existing activity level 2 activity.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 4/7/2022

New Bridgewater Bridge Major Project

The proposal constitutes use and development of a new Bridgewater Bridge and associated road infrastructure, comprising a four lane bridge crossing the River Derwent with connecting interchanges at Granton and Bridgewater.

Assessment Completed 13/4/2022

Venture Minerals Limited, Mt Lindsay Mine, Tullah

A new underground Tin-Tungsten-Magnetite-Copper mine including temporary surface waste storage and operating infrastructure.

Draft guidelines closed for public comment: 21/5/2022

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