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See the headings below for more information about each stage of the EPA assessment process. ​

Assessmen​​​t Commenced

At this stage, development proposals have been accepted for assessment by the EPA. The statutory process has started, but detailed documentation is not yet ready to be released for public comment.

Public Comment Invited

The assessment process includes an opportunity for the public to comment on proposed developments. This takes the form of a written submission ('representation'). Submissions are invited from the public for a set period of 14, 28 or 42 days, depending on the 'class of assessment' (2A, 2B or 2C). These timeframes are prescribed under section 27G(2) of the EMPC Act.

​​​Draft 2C Guidelines

The EPA issues the proponent of every proposed development with guidelines for preparing an EER or EIS. For class 2C proposals, which are often large, complex or likely to generate a high level of public interest, these guidelines are made available for public comment at the draft stage. The proposal will re-enter the 'Public Comment Invited' stage once a satisfactory Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is received. For 2A and 2B proposals, there is no public comment period for draft guidelines.

​EER or EIS (Case for Assessment)

The statutory period of public comment opens once a proponent has submitted comprehensive documentation, which takes the form of an Environmental Effects Report (EER) or an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The EER or EIS is published on the proposal page, allowing for informed consideration by the community. ​

Note: Before 2019, the term “Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan" (DPEMP) was used instead of EIS. Proposals that started the assessment process before 2019 will still use the term DPEMP. ​

Please see the Guide for Preparing a Public Submission​ page for information about making an effective submission.

Public Comment​ Closed

Once the public comment period ends, each proposal will move to this stage. 

Where public comment was received on draft guidelines, the guidelines may be modified to address issues raised.  The proposal will re-enter the 'Public Comment Invited' stage once a satisfactory Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is received.

Where public comment was received on an EER or EIS, the proponent may be required to prepare a supplement to address issues that were raised. The supplement will be added to the proposal page, but there will not be a further period for public comment. 

Once the EPA Board has made its final determination, the Environmental Assessment Report will be added to the proposal page, and it will move to 'Assessment Complete'.

Assessment Complete

Once an assessment is completed, the EER/EIS, Environmental Assessment Report and the EPA Board's decision will be displayed on this website for five years. Assessments completed more than five years ago have been archived. Please contact us if you require information about an assessment process that is no longer on the site.

More information is available on the Assessment Process page.

​Note: Case for Assessment is the collective term for documents submitted by proponents and may take the form of an EIS, EER or, in the case of some older proposals, a DPEMP.

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Prospect Timber and Landscape Supplies Pty Ltd, Sand pit extension in area, Cleveland

The proposal is for the extension of an extractive pit on two existing mining lease areas, which is currently authorised to produce up to 20,000 cubic metres of sand per annum.

Assessment Commenced: 19/5/2021

Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Peppermint Hill Quarry, Increase in crushing volume, Mengha

The proposal is for an increase in crushing volumes from 2,000 cubic metres per annum to 8,000 cubic metres per annum. Total extraction volumes will remain the same at 19,500 cubic metres per annum of hard rock produced. Occasional blasting (approximately once per year) is required.

Assessment Commenced: 19/11/2021

Grange Resources (Tasmania) Pty Ltd, Savage River Mine

Grange Resources (Tasmania) Pty Ltd propose to dewater and recommence mining in Centre Pit North and Centre Pit South, and merge them into one combined pit, referred to as Centre Pit.

Case for Assessment closed for public comment: 17/1/2022

Walters Contracting Pty Ltd, Porters Bridge Road Quarry

Walters Contracting Pty Ltd proposes to establish a hard rock quarry with a production and processing capacity of 32,000 cubic metres per annum.

Assessment Completed 12/1/2022

UPC Robbins Island Pty Ltd, Robbins Island Renewable Energy Park, Northwest Tasmania

UPC Robbins Island Pty Ltd proposes to lodge a permit application for a wind energy project under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 with the Circular Head Council.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 28/2/2022

Construction and Operation of New Electrolysis Plant (Cell House), Nyrstar Hobart

The proposal is for the construction of a new Electrolysis Plant (Cell House) at the Nyrstar Hobart site. The electrolysis plant will be constructed next to the existing electrolysis plant and will replace the existing plant once commissioned. The proposed facility will produce up to 300,000 tonnes per annum of cathode zinc.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 12/2/2022

Petuna Aquaculture Pty Ltd, Cressy Hatchery Upgrade

Petuna Aquaculture Pty Ltd are proposing to upgrade existing salmonid hatchery facilities through the construction of a new, additional Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), and reconfiguration of the existing flow-through ponds. No increase in production is proposed.

Assessment Completed 7/1/2022

Footrot Flats Pty Ltd, Stowport Abattoir Expansion, North West Tasmania

The Stowport Abattoir is an existing operation which has increased its throughput following the closure of the Devonport City Abattoir. The site is located at 5 Warra Road, Stowport, in North Western Tasmania on private land.​

Assessment Completed 17/12/2021

Midway Tasmania Pty Ltd, New Woodchip Processing Facility, Bell Bay

The proposal is to construct and operate a woodchip mill with a production capacity to produce up to 500,000 green metric tonnes woodchips per annum. The site of the proposal is within the Bell Bay industrial zone.

Case for Assessment closed for public comment: 10/1/2022

Treloar Transport Co., Area Increase at Inert Landfill, Forthside

Treloar Transport Co. is proposing to increase the land area of an existing inert waste depot located at Forthside. The expanded land area will be used for sorting of recycling and construction materials for reuse, and for landfilling. There are no proposed changes to the annual quantities of waste received.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 25/1/2022

Tasmanian Ports Corporation Pty Ltd, Devonport East Terminal 3 Dredging and Reclaim Project

The proposal is for dredging material from the Berth 3 East pocket at the Port of Devonport and construction of a reclaim area to accomodate new multilevel roll on roll off ship ramps.

Draft guidelines open for public comment until: 5/2/2022

Timberlink Australia Pty Ltd, Wood and Plastics Composite Plant, Bell Bay

Timberlink Australia Pty Ltd proposes to construct a wood and plastics composite (WPC) plant at Timberlink Australia’s existing facility in Bell Bay, producing up to approximately 4000 cubic metres of product per year.

Case for Assessment closed for public comment: 11/1/2022

B.C and J.L McConnon, McConnons Quarry, Buckland

B.C. and J.L. McConnon proposes to add a mechanical screen and crushing plant to the existing McConnon’s Quarry extractive activity at Buckland.

Assessment Commenced: 16/11/2021

High Purity Alumina Pilot Plant, Bell Bay

Peloton Resources is proposing to construct and operate a small 'pilot plant' to process existing waste red mud at the Rio Tinto Aluminium Smelter site at Bell Bay to produce high purity alumina, processing up to 37 tonnes of red mud per year.

Assessment Completed 15/12/2021

Shree Minerals Ltd, Nelson Bay River Mine, Northwest Tasmania

Shree Minerals Ltd is proposing to develop an iron ore mine near Nelson Bay River, approximately 7 km east of Temma in the northwest of Tasmania.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 8/2/2022

Venture Minerals Limited, Mt Lindsay Mine, Tullah

A new underground Tin-Tungsten-Magnetite-Copper mine including temporary surface waste storage and operating infrastructure.

Assessment Commenced: 2/12/2021

Venture Minerals Limited, Mt Livingstone Mine, Tullah

A new iron ore mine comprising extraction at the Mt Livingstone site, crushing and screening at the site of the existing Riley Mine and Direct Shipment of Ore (DSO) via truck to Burnie port and onward shipment.

Assessment Commenced: 23/11/2021

Boral Construction Materials Group Ltd, Macquarie Road Quarry

Boral Construction Materials Group Ltd proposes to establish a hard rock and gravel quarry with a production and processing capacity of 200,000 cubic metres per annum. The site is located 4 kilometres north-west of Campbell Town, on a mining lease of 75 hectares, which was formerly operated for bauxite extraction by another company. The proposed operation will involve crushing and screening of the material, as well as drilling and blasting.

Assessment Completed 7/12/2021

TasWater, Geeveston Wastewater Treatment Plant, Discharge Relocation, Port Huon

TasWater proposes to construct and operate a new treated effluent pump station, pipeline and outfall for the Geeveston Wastewater Treatment Plant relocating the discharge from the Kermandie River to the Huon River at Shipwrights Point.

Assessment Completed 30/11/2021

TasWater, Cygnet Wastewater Treatment Plant, Discharge Relocation, Port Cygnet

The proposal is to relocate the outfall (discharge) of the existing Cygnet Wastewater Treatment Plant from its current location on the foreshore above the high water mark to deeper water off Crooked Tree Point within Port Cygnet Bay.

Assessment Completed 22/11/2021

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