Avebury (Operating) Pty Ltd, Avebury Nickel Mine Waste Rock Sorting Facility, Zeehan

Current Stage

Assessment Commenced

Proposal Details

Client: Avebury (Operating) Pty Ltd

Premises: Avebury Nickel Mine

Activity: mine and mineral works

Class of Assessment: 2A

Important Dates

Assessment Commenced: 16/1/2024

​​​The Proposal

Avebury (Operating) Pty Ltd have submitted a proposal for the development of a Waste Rock Sorting Facility at the Avebury Nickel Mine in Zeehan, to support existing underground mining operations. The intent of this facility is to be a transitional area where waste rock is brought to be classified. All Potentially Acid Forming (PAF) rock will then be sent underground, and material designated as Non-Acid Forming (NAF) will be utilised as a construction material across the site. Approximately 52,000 bulk cubic metres (BCM) of waste rock is estimated to be temporarily stored within the WRSF.​​

Development Application

​This proposal was referred directly by West Coast Council to the Board of the EPA on 16 January 2024 as a development application (DA number ​​2023/82​​) and therefore a Notice Of Intent (NOI) was not required.