Bell Bay Powerfuels Pty Ltd, Bell Bay Powerfuels Project - Bell Bay

Current Stage

Assessment Commenced

Proposal Details

Client: Bell Bay Powerfuels Pty Ltd

Premises: Bell Bay Powerfuels

Activity: Chemical works

Class of Assessment: 2C

Important Dates

Assessment Commenced: 2/11/2023

The Proposal

Bell Bay Powerfuels Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of ABEL Energy Pty Ltd) proposes to construct and operate a green methanol facility that will produce 300,000 tonnes of green methanol per annum by combining synthesis gas (syngas) from gasification of forestry residues with green hydrogen from water electrolysis powered by renewable onshore wind power. 

The process includes:

  • Hydrogen production unit – a 240 megawatt electrolysis unit producing approximately 100 tonnes per day of green hydrogen and 800 tonnes per day of oxygen.

  • Biomass gasification unit – a gasification unit to convert up to 900 tonnes per day of partially dried forestry biomass to approximately 1,300 tonnes per day of syngas, comprising carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and other minor components.

  • Methanol synthesis unit – a 300,000 tonnes per annum nominal capacity methanol syntheses unit using syngas from the gasifier, and hydrogen from the electrolyser, to produce approximately 900 tonnes per day of methanol.​​

The production facility is to be located predominantly within the former Bell Bay Power Station and part of the adjacent Tamar Valley Power Station at Bell Bay.​

Notice of Intent

 Bell Bay Powerfuels Pty Ltd, Bell Bay Powerfuels Project - Bell Bay - NOI (PDF 35Mb)