Gibson's Limited trading as Skretting Australia, Production Increase Aquaculture Feed Factory, Cambridge

Current Stage

Assessment Completed

Proposal Details

Client: Gibson's Limited trading as Skretting Australia

Premises: 26 Maxwells Road, Cambridge 7170

Activity: Aquaculture feed works

Class of Assessment: 2B

Important Dates

Assessment Commenced: 29/10/2020

Assessment Completed: 1/2/2022

Status: The proponent withdrew the proposal on 01/02/2022.

The Pr​​​​oposal

The proposal is for an increase in annual production at the existing aquaculture feed factory operated by Skretting Australia from 140,000 tonnes per annum to 200,000 tonnes per annum.  To achieve this a third production line will be required which involves the addition of and modification to, a significant amount of infrastructure within the footprint of the site.​