Hazell Bros. Group Pty Ltd, Long Hill Quarry, Long Hill Quarry Intensification

Current Stage

Assessment Commenced

Proposal Details

Client: Hazell Bros. Group Pty Ltd

Premises: Long Hill Quarry

Activity: a quarry and materials handling

Class of Assessment: 2B

Important Dates

Assessment Commenced: 7/6/2023

​The Proposal

This quarry is located along a ridgetop in the Long Hill Forest Reserve, near Elizabethtown, amongst timber plantation forest. The proposal is to intensify the existing level 2 quarry at the site, increasing yearly extraction and processing limits from 200,000m³ to 330,000m³. The Proponent is also seeking to increase the maximum area of unrehabilitated land at any time from 16 to 29 hectares. Current site equipment, infrastructure and hours of operation will not change.​​

Notice of Intent

 Hazell Bros Group Pty Ltd - Long Hill Quarry Intensification - NOI (PDF 654Kb)