K.G Marsh & K.J Marsh, Wooreddy Road Quarry, Bruny Island

Current Stage

Assessment Commenced

Proposal Details

Client: K.G Marsh & K.J Marsh

Premises: Wooreddy Road Quarry

Activity: a quarry and materials handling

Class of Assessment:

Important Dates

Assessment Commenced: 12/1/2024

​The Proposal

Kenneth and Karen Marsh are proposing to intensify operations at the Wooreddy Road quarry, located in southern Bruny Island. The proposal involves a production increase from 1,000 cubic metres to 5,000 cubic metres of rock and gravel per year with 2,500 cubic metres to be crushed and/or screened.​​

Development Application 

This proposal was referred directly by Kingborough Council to the Board of the EPA on 18 December 2023 as a development application and therefore a Notice Of Intent (NOI) was not required.  

Environmental Effects Report Guidelines

EER Guidelines have been prepared by the Board to assist the proponent to prepare a case for assessment. Based on the information contained in the Notice of Intent, the guidelines identify the key issues which are expected to be relevant to the assessment of the proposal.

 K.G Marsh & K.J Marsh, Wooreddy Road Quarry, Bruny Island - EER Guidelines (PDF 624Kb)