King Island Multi Species Abattoir

Current Stage

Assessment Ceased

Proposal Details

Client: King Island Multi Species Abattoir Pty Ltd

Premises: 436 Grassy Road, Nugara 7256

Activity: Abattoir and rendering facility

Class of Assessment: 2B

Important Dates

Assessment Commenced: 30/9/2016

Assessment Ceased: 2/10/2023

​​Status: The assessment was ceased on 13/01/2023.

The Proposal

​The proposal is for an abattoir and rendering facility at 436 Grassy Road Nugara, King Island, on the site of the former Huxley Hill abattoir that operated during 2008. The abattoir will process approximately 900 tonnes of carcasses per year, with a batch rendering capacity of 2,500 kg per batch. The proposal also involves the installation of a 1MW boiler and the establishment of a wastewater treatment system and re-use scheme.​