Markarna Grazing Company Pty Ltd, Palana Road Sand Pit, Memana

Current Stage

Assessment Commenced

Proposal Details

Client: Markarna Grazing Company Pty Ltd

Premises: Palana Road Sand Pit

Activity: sand extractive pit

Class of Assessment:

Important Dates

Assessment Commenced: 5/7/2023

The Proposal

Markarna Grazing Company Pty Ltd is proposing to develop a new sand extraction pit at 368 Five Mile Jim Road, Memana, which is located approximately 21 km north of Whitemark on Flinders Island. The proposal involves the extraction and processing of up to 10,000 cubic meters of lime sand per year from a small section within Mining Lease 2117P/M. Material will be won by surface excavation (bull dozer and/or excavator) and taken to a screening / storage shed on site for processing (screening and occasional mixing with soil ameliorants/additives) prior to being transported off site or stockpiled for later transport off site.


Note that this proposal is being assessed by the EPA Board under section 25A of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994. A permit application was submitted to the Flinders Island Council under section 40T of the Land use and Planning Approvals Act 1993 which requires amendment of the Local Provisions Schedule (zone amendment). It is important to note that the legislation sets out a different approval pathway to that which would usually occur. The Board does not issue a class of assessment or guidelines and no public consultation occurs during the Board's assessment. Markarna Grazing has been required to provide additional information to the Board which will form the basis for the Board's assessment of the proposal. The request for additional information is provided below. When the Council makes a decision on whether or not to grant the permit (including any conditions required by the Board), it's decision and the draft amendment to Local Provisions Schedule is forwarded onto the Tasmanian Planning Commission and advertised for public comment.

 Markarna Grazing Company Pty Ltd, Palana Road Sand Pit, Memana - Enclosure - Request for Additional Information (PDF 334Kb)​