MMG Australia Limited, Bobadil Tailing Storage Facility Stage 11 Raise, Rosebery

Current Stage

Assessment Commenced

Proposal Details

Client: MMG Australia Limited

Premises: Bobadil Tailings Storage Facility

Activity: Tailings Storage Facility

Class of Assessment: 2B

Important Dates

Assessment Commenced: 28/4/2023

The Proposal

The Bobadil tailings storage facility (TSF) is located approximately 1.7 km northwest of Rosebery. Bobadil TSF receives and stores tailings from MMG's Rosebery mine, which produces zinc, copper and lead concentrates and gold doré via underground mining and processing.

The proposal is to raise the embankment wall of the Bobadil TSF by 2 m, to a final crest elevation of RL 203 m, using 'upstream' construction techniques (meaning the embankment raise will occur within the existing TSF footprint). The existing emergency spillway will be developed to meet the increased height of the embankment. The proposal will not require significant disruption to ongoing TSF operations.

Construction material will be sourced from two existing borrow pits at the site which ​​are within the existing MMG Mining Lease 28M/1993.

Approximately 75,000 m3 rock will be sourced from the northern borrow pit. This pit will need to be expanded to facilitate excavation of this volume. Around 1.6 ha of native vegetation is proposed to be removed in association with the pit expansion. The Natural Values Assessment submitted with the NoI indicates vegetation removal is proposed within an area containing potential habitat for listed threatened species.

Approximately 1,500 m3 clay will be sourced from the southern borrow pit via vertical excavation. No new vegetation clearance is proposed for the southern borrow pit.

Overburden from the clearance will be stockpiled for future closure and rehabilitation activities.​

Notice of Intent

 MMG Australia Limited, Bobadil Tailing Storage Facility Stage 11 Raise, Rosebery - NOI (PDF 8Mb)