Southern Waste Solutions, Copping Landfill, Blue Hills Road, Copping Waste Disposal, Cells 10 and 11

Current Stage

Assessment Commenced

Proposal Details

Client: Southern Waste Solutions

Premises: Copping Landfill

Activity: waste depot

Class of Assessment: 2A

Important Dates

Assessment Commenced: 6/4/2023

The Proposal

The Copping Refuse Site Joint Authority (‘Southern Waste Solutions’) are proposing to expand waste disposal/landfilling into two new ‘Category B’ (putrescible waste) landfill cells (designated as cells 10 and 11) at the Copping landfill, located at Blue Hills Road, Copping. The maximum waste to be received is proposed to be 200,000 tonnes per annum, with a maximum cell height proposed to be 90 metres (AHD). ​​