Stanton Excavations Pty Ltd, Orford Quarry Development, Orford

Current Stage

Assessment Commenced

Proposal Details

Client: Stanton Excavations Pty Ltd

Premises: Orford Quarry

Activity: a quarry and materials handling

Class of Assessment: 2A

Important Dates

Assessment Commenced: 7/6/2024

​The Proposal

Stanton Excavations Pty Ltd is proposing to intensify operations at the Orford Quarry, located approximately 2.4 kilometres south of Orford.  The proposal includes an increase in extraction and processing from 20,000 cubic metres to 50,000 cubic metres per annum.  The proposal includes increasing the development area of the southern hard rock pit by exposing new ground which will require additional clearing of approximately 0.9 hectares of native vegetation. The proposal also includes rehabilitation outside of the boundary of the mining lease area of the northern gravel pit. ​​

Notice of Intent

 Stanton Excavations Pty Ltd, Orford Quarry Development, Orford - NOI (PDF 2Mb)