Tinning Earthmoving Pty Ltd, Forcett House Quarry Intensification, Forcett

Current Stage

Assessment Withdrawn

Proposal Details

Client: Tinning Earthmoving Pty Ltd

Premises: 88 Lewisham Road, Forcett 7313

Activity: Quarry & Materials Handling

Class of Assessment: 2B

Important Dates

Assessment Commenced: 6/7/2021

Assessment Withdrawn: 17/1/2023

Status: The proponent withdrew the proposal on 17/01/2023.​​​​​

The Proposal

​​​Tinning Earthmoving Pty Ltd has proposed to increase extraction and processing of materials to 50,000 cubic metres at its Forcett House Quarry.  The Quarry is currently permitted to extract 5,000 cubic metres per year and process 8,500 cubic metres per year.​