Standard Conditions and Definitions

​​​​​When imposing environmental requirements upon Level 2 and other environmentally relevant activities, the EPA uses Standard Conditions (SCs) where appropriate to help ensure effective, efficient and consistent regulation that gives the best prospect of acceptable environmental outcomes.

Over time, the number of SCs available for use in Permits Conditions Environmental (Permits), Environment Protection Notices (EPNs) and other instruments has become large and comprehensive. This sets up a need for systematic management and administration to ensure SCs and associated Standard Grounds (SGs) are fit-for-purpose and meet contemporary quality standards. This work is critical to the EPA's ability to operate as a modern regulator.

This document includes some of the standard conditions used by the EPA in drafting Permits and EPNs.  The conditions included here are considered applicable to a wide range of environmental Activities and considered appropriate for Level 1 Activities as defined in EMPCA.

These conditions are the current versions as of the date of this document. Some premises may have similar conditions which do not match this version. Premises are required to comply with the conditions of the Permit or EPN issued and not the version included herein.

When using these conditions, a Council will need to replace any references to the Director, the EPA and the EPA Board with the appropriate authority.

Councils using these conditions or modified versions thereof are advised to seek their own legal advice prior to applying these conditions.​

 EPA Standard Conditions and Definitions - September 2023 (PDF 881Kb)