Okehampton Bay in Mercury Passage on the East Coast

​​​The EPA currently regulates finfish farming at one marine farming lease in the Mercury Passage region.

The location of this finfish farm and associated environmental licence can be accessed via LISTmap (add EPA Regulated Premises layer on LISTmap)

The Marine Farming Development Plan for the region is available on the Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania website. 

MF236 Okehampton Bay

Annual Environmental Revie​w Reports (including BEMP Reports)

​2020-21 Report​

Annual Environmental Report 2021 (PDF 3Mb)​

Annual Broadscale Monitoring Report 2020-21 (PDF 11Mb)

Annual Reef Monitoring Report 2020-21 (PDF 5Mb)

Seagrass Survey Report 2020-21 (PDF 2Mb)

Benthic Survey (Compliance and Control Sites) Report 2020-21 (PDF 5Mb)

Okehampton Bay Modelling Report July 2020 (PDF 4Mb)​

2019-20 Report

Annual Environmental Report 2019-20 - Summary Report (PDF 1Mb)

Annual Broadscale Monitoring Report 2019-20 (PDF 18Mb)

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Data Analysis Report, June 2020 (PDF 1Mb)

Annual Reef Monitoring Report 2019-20 (PDF 4Mb)

Seagrass Survey Report 2019-20 (PDF 2Mb)

Benthic Survey (Compliance and Control Sites) Report 2019-20 (PDF 5Mb) 

2018-19 Report

Annual Environment Report 2018-19 - Summary Report (PDF 2Mb)

Annual Broadscale Monitoring Report 2018-2019 (PDF 9Mb)

Investigation Trigger Limit Analysis Report (PDF 3Mb)

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Data Analysis Report, July 2018 (PDF 1Mb)

Annual Reef Monitoring Report 2018-19 (PDF 4Mb)

Seagrass Survey Report 2018 (PDF 2Mb)

Benthic Survey (Compliance and Control Sites) Report 2018-19 (PDF 5Mb)

Initial AER - Sept​ember 2017 - April 2018​

Annual Environment Report 2018 (PDF 2Mb)

Benthic Monitoring Report 2018 (PDF 2Mb)

Depositional Modelling Report 2018 (PDF 2Mb)

Seagrass Monitoring Report 2018 (PDF 804Kb)

Reef Monitoring Report 2018 (PDF 3Mb)

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Data Analysis Report 2018 (PDF 1Mb)

Broadscale Monitoring Report 2018 (PDF 7Mb)