Storm Bay

​​The EPA currently regulates finfish farming at two marine farming leases in the Storm Bay region.

The location of these finfish farms and associated environmental licences can be accessed via LISTmap (add EPA Regulated Premises layer on LISTmap)

The Marine Farming Development Plans for the region are available on the DPIPWE website.

MF281 Y​​ellow ​Bluff

Environmental Licence (EL) reporting conditions for salmon fish farm lease MF281 Yellow Bluff include Broadscale Environmental Monitoring (BEMP Report), Benthic Survey Report, and an Annual Environmental Review Report.

EL reports for M​​F281 Yell​​ow Bluff​

 MF281 Yellow Bluff Annual BEMP Report 2019-2020 (PDF 8Mb)

 MF281 Annual Environmental Review Report 2019-2020 (PDF 1Mb)

 MF281 Benthic Survey Report 2019-2020 (PDF 9Mb)