Real-time Air Quality Data - Queenstown

​​​​This page contains real-time data from the BLANKET air station at Queenstown (west coast of Tasmania) for today and yesterday. The Queenstown station is located in a residential area approximately 500 metres south-west of the town centre.

Current air quality in Queenstown

Date: 23 September 2021 Time: 18:32 AEST (add one hour for summer time)

Current PM10 = 9 micrograms per cubic metre

Current PM2.5 = 6 micrograms per cubic metre

Hour-average PM2.5 = 4 micrograms per cubic metre

Air quality health category (from the hour-average PM2.5) is good

The plots below show PM10 and PM2.5 indicative data (top panel) and meteorological data (lower panel) measured today at Queenstown. The most recent measurements are shown in the boxes to the right of the plots below.

Queenstown real-time air data, image plot 


T - air​ temperature
RH - relative humidity
WS - wind speed
WD - wind direction
RF - daily rainfall 
P - mean sea-level pressure (MSLP)​

The meteorological data are provided as a guide to interpreting the air quality data. They should not be used in place of Bureau of Meteorology data for determining weather conditions in a given region.

​Please Note: subject to network connectivity, this plot will be updated approximately every 10 minutes during the day. Use the 'Refresh' or 'Reload' button on your browser (or press F5) to refresh the plot. If networking issues do not allow real-time access on a given day the plot will show the most recently available data.

More information about interpreting the plots​​

Air quality health categories

The Tasmanian Department of Health provides the following air quality health categories based on the hour-averaged PM2.5 value:​

​Good: 0 to 9 micrograms per cubic metre

Fairly Good: 10 to 24 micrograms per cubic metre

Fairly Poor: 25 to 49  micrograms per cubic metre

Poor: 50 to 99 micrograms per cubic metre

Very Poor: 100 to 299 micrograms per cubic metre​

Extremely Poor: Over 300 micrograms per cubic metre

See the Department of Health Track Air Quality page for more information (scroll to the bottom of the page for category information​).​​

Use this link to access annual plots, 'most recent 30 day' plots of day-averaged BLANkET data, plots of the most-recent 3-days of 10-minute-resolution data, and tables of current data.

Yesterday's data from Queenstown air station

The plots below show PM10 and PM2.5 indicative data (top) and meteorological data (bottom) measured yesterday at Queenstown. The day-average measurements are shown in the boxes to the right of the plots below.​

Queenstown air data from yesterday, image plotWe thank the Department of Health​ for use of the site for this station.​

​​​​Historical data

Data for this station for other time intervals (including previous years) can be accessed from the Historical BLANkET Data​ page.

​Please Note: if network connectivity has prevented remote access to the station the plot will show the most recently available complete day of data.