Reports and Historical Data

Access to air quality data and summary reports, plus technical reports and conference papers.​
  • BLANkET Reports
    An index to the Base Line Air Network of EPA Tasmania (BLANkET) reports.
  • Annual NEPM Reports
    Annual NEPM reports on Tasmanian air quality
  • Visualisations of Air Network Data
    Animations showing representations of BLANkET station PM2.5 and wind data on a map of Tasmania.
  • Historical BLANkET Data
    Plots of historical BLANkET data. These data are indicative PM10 and PM2.5​ data collected by calibrated DustTrak optical instruments from stations of the BLANkET network (Base-Line Air Network of EPA Tasmania).
  • Smoke Measurement Surveys
    Information and results of winter wood heater smoke measurement surveys in Tasmania.