Complaint Summary Reports 2019

​​​These Summary Reports relate to smoke events reported to the EPA during the 2019 Planned Burn Season.

It is not the purpose of these summaries to 

  1. identify the source of smoke in a complaint, or
  2. determine if an air quality standard has been exceeded. 

​A full technical analysis must be performed to attribute smoke to a specific source and to know if an air quality standard has been exceeded. Please note that these Summary Reports are not a full technical analysis - they are only summaries.​​

  Upper Esk, 2 April 2019   (10Mb)

  Scamander 12 April 2019   (4Mb)

  Waratah, 16 April 2019   (4Mb)

  Weegena, 6 May 2019   (3Mb)

  Burnie, 7 May 2019   (2Mb)

  Beulah, 14 May 2019   (3Mb)

  Scamander, 15 May 2019   (2Mb)

  Sheffield, 16 May 2019   (3Mb)

  Mole Creek, 17 May 2019   (3Mb)

  Lorinna, 24 May 2019   (3Mb)​