Smoky Wood Heater Complaints

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Steps to take to resolve issues of excessive wood-smoke from a neighbouring house

Step One

Often your neighbours will not realise their fire is affecting you. It is best to discuss the problem with them and try to find a solution. Our Improving Wood Heater Use web page provides some practical information about reducing wood-smoke.

Step Two

If you cannot reach an agreement after talking to your neighbour, you can contact an environmental health officer at your local council for advice.

Wood-smoke can easily become an environmental nuisance. An environmental nuisance is any emission of a pollutant that may unreasonably interfere with a person's enjoyment of the environment.

You local council can issue an Environmental Infringement Notice if the situation is bad enough.

An infringement notice is an on-the-spot fine. Fines may be greater for more serious or wilful breaches of environmental nuisance provisions. Your local council can also issue an Environment Protection Notice requiring your neighbour to undertake some works to fix the problem.

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