Property Information Request (PIR)

​Due to changing priorities arising from the COVID-19 pandemic response, EPA Tasmania is suspending the Property Information Request (PIR) service.   ​

For PIR applications received prior to 20 March 2020, an abridged report (excluding detailed archival searches) will be provided by EPA Tasmania at no charge.  

The following additional sources of contaminated sites information may also be helpful: ​

  • The LISTMap layer 'EPA Regulated Premises' identifies the location of Level 2 regulated premises as well as contaminated sites which are currently regulated. Regulatory documents related to each premises are available from this layer.  For further information please go to the Site Information​ page.

  • The LISTmap layer 'EPA Underground Petroleum Storage Systems' is now available. This layer shows sites where EPA has received notification of the registration, temporary decommissioning or permanent decommissioning of underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS). For further information please go to the Site Information​ page.

  • Local councils issue Development Approvals under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993, Environment Protection Notices and Environmental Infringement Notices, and record complaints. They may hold additional information that may be relevant to a potentially contaminated site.   ​​

  • WorkSafe Tasmania (1300 366 322 or may have issued dangerous goods licences and/or may hold relevant records for the Site and adjoining properties. As the storage of dangerous goods/fuels is an environmentally relevant activity, you may wish to contact them for further information. 

​Please note that as priorities allow, EPA Tasmania will review the process for providing potentially contaminated sites information, including making more information publicly available via the Land Information System Tasmania (ListMap). ​​