Boat Sewage Management

​​Information on practical measures and rules to minimise the health and environmental effects of boat sewage discharge including sewage discharge maps for Tasmanian waters.​ 

  • Information for Boat Owners
    ​The EPA recommends that unless you can treat your wastewater on board, you should contain it on your vessel until it can be properly disposed of on land. Disposing of sewage at sea should be seen as a last resort, rather than the only option.
  • Sewage Management Directives
    Tasmania has two Sewage Management Directives that specify where boat owners and operators may and may not release disinfected and untreated sewage into local waters. The purpose of the Directives is to protect the environment and public health. They are supported by Boat Sewage Discharge Maps providing practical information on restricted and permissible discharge zones.
  • Boat Sewage Discharge Maps
    Interactive map layers are available via LIST (Land Information Systems Tasmania), to assist in interpreting the sewage discharge rules. They should be read in conjunction with the main Sewage Management Directive.
  • Lady Nelson Sewage Management
    The Lady Nelson is a replica three-masted sailing brig operating in Tasmanian waters. Its Sewage Management Directive recognises the Lady Nelson's special requirements as a training vessel for children and young people in Tasmanian waters.