Glamorgan - Spring Bay Catchment

A paper was used as a basis for community and stakeholder participation in the process of developing environmental management goals for the Glamorgan-Spring Bay catchment.

The paper was prepared by the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment in association with the Glamorgan-Spring Bay Council.

After public consultation, and with approval of the above planning authorities, Protected Environmental Values were then finalised and a final paper prepared. The Protected Environmental Values will be shown in the park management plans, used for Natural Resource Management and considered in water management planning.

Words and expressions used in the paper have, unless the contrary intention appears, the same meaning as defined in the State Policy on Water Quality Management 1997 and the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994.

These Protected Environmental Values have been formally set. The paper has been amended to include the process of their establishment and to provide an accessible document for those in the community who have water-related interests.

The paper is divided into five main sections:

  • A general introduction to water reform in Tasmania.
  • An overview of the catchments and waterways in the region.
  • General information on Protected Environmental Values for water quality.
  • Proposed Protected Environmental Values for the catchments and waterways in the region.
  • General information on water quantity values

  Glamorgan Spring Bay - Final Paper   (197Kb)


  Glamorgan Spring Bay Catchment Map   (944Kb)