Soil and Water Management on Building Sites

​​​​These fact sheets represent current best practice and provide a practical guide to soil and water management. They are divided into sediment control measures and erosion control measures. Erosion control measures hold the soil in place and reduce soil removal by rainfall or runoff. Sediment control measures capture the eroded soil from the runoff preventing it from leaving the building or construction site. They are designed to help people involved in the building industry prevent sedimentation into waterways.

These fact sheets cover all aspects of soil and water management throughout the building and construction phase including planning and site clearing, right through to the hand over to the property owner.

The fact sheets provide best practice advice including:

  • Selecting and integrating erosion and sediment control measures at the planning stage.
  • Preparation and implementation of Soil and Water Management Plans for larger sites.
  • Installing sediment and erosion control measures.
  • Minimising the area of soil disturbed and exposed to erosion.
  • Preserving existing vegetation.
  • Diverting ‘clean’ water flows away from work sites.
  • Capturing sediment runoff before it leaves the site.
  • Rehabilitating disturbed areas after work is completed.
  • Inspecting and maintaining erosion and sediment control measures throughout the project.

Fact Sh​​eets​​

  Soil and Water Management on Large Building and Construction Sites   (584Kb)

  Soil and Water Management on Standard Building and Construction Sites   (618Kb)

  Soil and Water Management Plans   (475Kb)

  Dispersive Soils – High Risk of Tunnel Erosion   (622Kb)

  Minimise Soil Disturbance   (552Kb)

  Preserve Vegetation   (391Kb)

  Divert Up-Slope Water   (598Kb)

  Erosion Control Mats and Blankets   (643Kb)

  Protect Service Trenches and Stockpiles   (609Kb)

  Early Roof Drainage Connection   (585Kb)

  Scour Protection – Stormwater Pipe Outfalls and Check Dams   (539Kb)

  Stabilised Site Access   (434Kb)

  Wheel Wash   (629Kb)

  Sediment Fences and Fibre Rolls   (856Kb)

  Protection of Stormwater Pits   (777Kb)

  Protected Concrete, Brick and Tile Cutting   (875Kb)

  Sediment Basins   (722Kb)

  Dust Control   (688Kb)

  Site Revegetation   (806Kb)