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Statement of Expectation


Statement of Expectation

The Environmental Management and Pollution Control   Act 1994 (EMPCA), requires the Minister responsible for administering the Act to provide the EPA Board with a Statement of Expectation. The Statement sets out the Minister's objectives on matters relating to the role and functions of the Authority, during the period. The Board is required to respond by providing the Minister with a Statement of Intent.

The Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage provided the fifth Statement of Expectation to the Chair of the EPA Board in accordance with section 15 and Schedule 7 of EMPCA. It replaces the previous Statement of Expectation 2015 with some minor modifications.



Previous Statements of Expectation

EPA Statement of Expectation 2015-16

EPA Statement of Expectation 2012-2014

EPA Statement of Expectation - January 2011 to March 2012

Statement of Expectation 01-10-2008

The Minister issued a press release to accompany the Statement on 1 October 2008.

Press Release from Minister 01-10-2008