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Sustainability in Practice

Sustainability means many different things to different people, activities, and industrial sectors. Efforts have been made to define and outline practical requirements by many parties, which have led to good practice guidelines and innovations to improve practices.

The EPA seeks submissions and examples of sustainability in practice in Tasmania, and will share these on its website towards several objectives:

-  To encourage and promote sustainability in Tasmania;

-  To share practices so that activities, industries and whole sectors can follow suit; and

-  To assist in advancing and demonstrating Tasmania’s clean green brand.

The EPA seeks submissions of maximum 3,000 words which are structured so they address the following questions:

1. What are the most material sustainability issues for your industry, activity, business or sector, and why?

2. What practices have you put in place to address these issues that go beyond regulatory requirements, and what evidence can you show to prove effectiveness in terms of sustainability objectives?

3. What do you think other industries, activities, businesses or sectors could learn from your experiences and practically apply towards a vision of a clean, healthy and sustainable Tasmania?

The EPA will post on its website all submissions that address the requirements, provided that they are:

-  Non-political

-  Not written in a self-promotional style but rather are focussed on learnings and sharing experience to inspire and assist others

-  Show proven practices with outcomes rather than intentions.

Submissions will be posted under the following categories:

-  Mining and minerals processing

-  Forestry and forest services and products

-  Agriculture and irrigation

-  Food and beverage

-  Energy

-  Transport

-  Waste and water services

Categories may be revised and added to over time.

Submissions should come from those who are working within or for the business, industry, activity or sector of focus. In cases the EPA may seek endorsements for the views expressed in the submission. The EPA may undertake verification activities.

Submissions may be accompanied by weblinks, photos and other visual aids, within an overall submission word limit of 3,000 words.

Submitters may update their contributions over time.

Please direct any inquiries and send your submissions to enquiries@epa.tas.gov.au with “Sustainability in Practice” in the email title.

Examples of good practice sustainability in action in Tasmania

Visit the Awards Australia website for information on awards in Tasmania currently promoting good practice.

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