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Tasmanian Air Quality Strategy

​​​​​The Tasmanian Air Quality Strategy was officially launched on 4 June 2006 by the Minister for the Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment.

Development of the strategy was a collaborative effort between representatives of various Government departments, the Local Government Association of Tasmania and councils, with public consultation and input from a range of other organisations, both within and outside government.

It has a strong focus on airborne particles, seen as the primary issue for populated areas of Tasmania, while continuing to address other pollutants of concern, as identified in the National Environment Protection Measures for Ambient Air Quality and Air Toxics, and in the schedules of the Environment Protection Policy (Air Quality) 2004.

The strategy presents fifteen objectives covering topics relevant to the effective management of air quality in Tasmania, including:

  • Information and data gaps - covering monitoring and forecasting, air pollution potential mapping, sources of pollution and public access to air quality information.
  • Residential sources- such as the design, sale, installation, use of and fuel quality for wood heaters, alternative fuels and energy efficiency of homes, community education and equity issues.
  • Industrial sources – effective regulation of activities and effective enforcement, airshed capacities, appropriate training and cleaner production.
  • Planned burning – establishing smoke management procedures, improving coordination of planned burning, minimising smoke impacts and responding to complaints.
  • Vehicle emissions – smoky vehicles, national fuel quality programs, alternative fuels, environmental aspects of fleet management and utilisation of public transport systems.
  • Planning – promoting better integration of environmental considerations into planning processes.

Download the Tasmanian Air Quality Strategy

  Tasmanian Air Quality Strategy   (654Kb)

​Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Information and Data Gaps
  • Residential Sector
  • Industrial Sector
  • Planned Burning
  • Transport Sector
  • Integration of Planning
A review of the Tasmanian Air Quality Strategy was completed in 2011.

  TAQS Final Review   (88Kb)


December 2009: Some of the data presented in Section 2.1.6 (Sources of PM10) of the Strategy have recently been reviewed. It is now concluded that particle emissions to the Tasmanian Airshed from planned burning is significantly greater than was presented in the Strategy. The document below presents the revised estimates and outlines why the earlier figures were in error.

  Revised Contribution of PM10 Emissions from Forest Industry Burns and Domestic Wood Heating   (481Kb)

Download the Public Consultation Report on the Draft Tasmanian Air Quality Strategy

The Public Consultation Report on the Draft Tasmanian Air Quality Strategy was complied from comments received during the public consultation program conducted in late 2005.

  Public Consultation Report on the draft Tasmanian Air Quality Strategy   (119Kb)

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