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All Air Monitoring Stations - Recent Data Table

​BLANkET is an EPA initiative to increase the spatial coverage of air quality measurements in Tasmania, in particular (but not exclusively) for the monitoring of population exposure to smoke produced by planned burns. The network currently consists of air quality stations distributed around the State reporting real-time data to these web pages. We also have an additional instrument operating at the New Town air station in Hobart. Use the navigation on the left hand side of this page to access individual station pages with data graphs. A summary plot for all stations on the one page is available on the All Sites Graph page.

Interpreting BLANkET data

The table below shows the most recent data available from the BLANkET air quality stations. These data are indicative of the current air quality at these sites. The nature of these measurements means that the BLANkET data can only be treated as indicative - they cannot be used to determine if air quality standards have been breached. Note that the air stations are close to, but can be several kilometres from, the named town. (See the individual station pages for more details.)

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