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BLANkET Reports

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Reports available on this page are:

  • BLANkET Technical Reports - extended analysis using BLANkET network and other data on smoke in Tasmania
  • BLANkET Brief Reports - short reports similar to the full technical reports
  • CASANZ conference papers - papers presented by the Air Section, EPA Tasmania, at the biennial meeting of the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (CASANZ). [There may be minor differences between the versions here and the final papers available from CASANZ.]
  • Other reports - miscellaneous other analyses​

BLANkET Tec​​hnical Reports​ - ​detailed descriptions and analysis

​  BLANkET Technical Report 1 - General description   (5Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 2 - Winter smoke at Derby   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 3 - Winter smoke at Lilydale   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 4 - Sea-salt aerosols - May 2009   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 5 - Dust from the Simpson Desert   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 6 - Bushfire smoke across northern Tasmania   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 7 - Smoke from a Huon burn measured at Howden and Hobart   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 8 - Smoke detected at St Helens BLANkET station - 9th July 2009   (5Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 9 - Smoke in northern Tasmania - 17th March 2010   (17Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 9 - lower resolution version   (6Mb)​

  BLANkET Technical Report 10 - Review of 2010 air quality data for Tasmania   (6Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 11 - Smoke in northern Tasmania - 20th-22nd October 2010   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 12 - Smoke from a planned burn in north-central Tasmania - 19th November 2010   (827Kb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 13 - Smoke from a planned burn - middle Tamar valley - 4th November 2010   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 14 - Smoke at George Town - 6th December 2010   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 15 - Smoke in the Channel region - Southern Tasmania - 7th March 2011   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 16 - Smoke in Southern Tasmania - 15th March 2011   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 17 - Smoke and katabatic winds at Burnie: April 2010, April 2011 and February 2012.   (4Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 18 - An agricultural burn at Nile, north-central Tasmania, December 2011   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 19 - Smoke in the Derwent and Tamar valleys, 28-29 March 2011   (5Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 20 - Planned burn smoke in the Huon Valley, 14th March 2012   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 21 - Analysis of smoke in the Derwent Valley, 1st-2nd April 2012   (2Mb)​

​​BLANkET Technical Report 22 - Review of 'Burn Brighter 2012', and summary of smoke surveys in several Tasmanian towns, 2010-2012 (Note: 12 Meg file size)

  BLANkET Technical Report 23 - Air quality and the January 2013 Tasmanian bushfires   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 24 - Smoke from the Mt Direction fuel-reduction burn, 29-30 May 2013   (5Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 25 - Smoke from an agricultural burn-off near Campbell Town, 16 July 2013   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 26 - Smoke in northwest Tasmania   (6Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 27 - A review of 2013 BLANkET data, including the winter 2013 'Burn Brighter' program in Geeveston and Hadspen   (13Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 28 - PM2.5 levels at a residence in Invermay. Launceston, July 2014   (4Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 29 - Smoke in northern Tasmania from a west coast planned burn, 15 October 2014   (9Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 30 - Unusually–elevated coarse particles concentration across Tasmania, 3rd January 2015   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 31 - Overview of the BLANkET smoke monitoring network, 2009-2015   (8Mb)

BLANkET Bri​​ef reports​ - short reports that collate and collect information on events for future reference

(Some may be expanded into Technical reports at a later date.)

  BLANkET Brief Report 1 - Fingal 20th May 2009   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 2 - Fingal 18th June 2009   (470Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 3 - Fingal 24th June 2009   (203Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 4 - St Helens 19th November 2009   (468Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 5 - Smoke in northern Tasmania, 17 March 2010 - an extended summary of BLANkET Technical Report 9   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 6 - Bushfire smoke at Scottsdale - 17 February 2010   (753Kb)

  BLANkET brief report 7 - Smoke from a bushfire at Ansons Bay - north-east Tasmania - moving into the Tamar Valley - 23rd January 2010   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 8 - Smoke at Fingal 3rd May 2010 - a possible source at 70 km distance   (739Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 9 - Local smoke at Fingal 15th and 16th of June 2010   (279Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 10 - A small grassfire at Mowbray, Launceston, 30th December 2010   (619Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 11 - Car-based monitoring of a smoke plume from an agricultural burn in the northern midlands - 25 February 2011   (686Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 12 - Smoke from a forest industry burn - Moorina - north-east Tasmania - 28 April 2011   (969Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 13 - smoke near St Peters Pass   (980Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 14 - Diesel engine exhaust at Gretna   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 15 - Grass fire at George Town, 28 January 2012   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 16 - Smoke at Sheffield, 22 November 2010   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 17 - Small burn-off at George Town   (5Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 18 - Waste burn-off at George Town   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 19 - Small hazard reduction burn, Southern Tasmania   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 20 - Optical haze in northwest Tasmania   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 21 - Chimney smoke over a residential boundary   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 22 - Smoke monitoring of a fire training exercise, Spreyton, October 2015   (2Mb)

​CASANZ papers​ - papers ​​presented by the Air Section, EPA Tasmania, at the biennial CASANZ meetings

​2019 meeting

  Some examples of how a woodheater/woodburner can smoke out a neighbour, and why is it so hard to fix the problem?   (3Mb)

  Estimating Tasmanian winter-time population exposure to PM2.5 using a two-parameter, empirically-based method   (739Kb)

  Recent bushfire smoke intervals in Tasmania, with an emphasis on the 2019 January-February impacts   (289Kb)

  Some Tasmanian work on measuring the penetration of ambient smoke into buildings   (2Mb)

Presented ​​at prev​​ious meetings

  The BLANkET network (2011)   (666Kb)

  A new look at the temperature correction of TEOM data (2013)   (688Kb)​

  Car-based smoke survey measurements with Travel BLANkET (2013)   (4Mb)

  "babyBLANkET" - a low cost, real-time, smoke monitoring station (2015)   (2Mb)

  "Burn Brighter" - assessing the effectiveness of ​a woodheater intervention program (2015)   (439Kb)

  Car-based smoke surveys at the Hazelwood fire   (2015) (2Mb)

Smoke levels in a residential backyard in Invermay, Launceston (2015) (pdf, 1445kb)

  A case-study of smoke from a single woodheater - Claremont, Hobart (2017)   (2Mb)

  Spatial distribution of winter woodheater smoke in Launceston (2017)   (8Mb)

  Interannual meteorological influences on winter air quality (extended abstract) (2017)   (227Kb)

​Other Reports​ - analysis of​​​​ air quality data

  Influence of wind direction on measured smoke levels at Ti Tree Bend Launceston   (338Kb)

  A large convective cell over southern Tasmania - 15 February 2010   (844Kb)

  Particle count measurements during and after a haze event - Southern Tasmania - 25th-26th December 2010   (987Kb)

  Report on air quality monitoring during the Longford tyre depot fire, 15th-17th February 2012.   (4Mb)

Other Reports - air monitoring network

  Tasmanian Air Monitoring Update, January 2013   (115Kb)​ - A description of changes to the EPA's air monitoring network

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