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BLANkET Reports

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Reports available on this page are:

  • BLANkET Technical Reports - extended analysis using BLANkET network and other data on smoke in Tasmania
  • BLANkET Brief Reports - short reports similar to the full technical reports
  • CASANZ conference papers - papers presented by the Air Section, EPA Tasmania, at the biennial meeting of the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (CASANZ). [There may be minor differences between the versions here and the final papers available from CASANZ.]
  • Other reports - miscellaneous other analyses​

BLANkET Tec​​hnical Reports​ - ​detailed descriptions and analysis

​  BLANkET Technical Report 1 - General description   (5Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 2 - Winter smoke at Derby   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 3 - Winter smoke at Lilydale   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 4 - Sea-salt aerosols - May 2009   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 5 - Dust from the Simpson Desert   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 6 - Bushfire smoke across northern Tasmania   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 7 - Smoke from a Huon burn measured at Howden and Hobart   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 8 - Smoke detected at St Helens BLANkET station - 9th July 2009   (5Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 9 - Smoke in northern Tasmania - 17th March 2010   (17Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 9 - lower resolution version   (6Mb)​

  BLANkET Technical Report 10 - Review of 2010 air quality data for Tasmania   (6Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 11 - Smoke in northern Tasmania - 20th-22nd October 2010   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 12 - Smoke from a planned burn in north-central Tasmania - 19th November 2010   (827Kb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 13 - Smoke from a planned burn - middle Tamar valley - 4th November 2010   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 14 - Smoke at George Town - 6th December 2010   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 15 - Smoke in the Channel region - Southern Tasmania - 7th March 2011   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 16 - Smoke in Southern Tasmania - 15th March 2011   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 17 - Smoke and katabatic winds at Burnie: April 2010, April 2011 and February 2012.   (4Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 18 - An agricultural burn at Nile, north-central Tasmania, December 2011   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 19 - Smoke in the Derwent and Tamar valleys, 28-29 March 2011   (5Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 20 - Planned burn smoke in the Huon Valley, 14th March 2012   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 21 - Analysis of smoke in the Derwent Valley, 1st-2nd April 2012   (2Mb)​

​​BLANkET Technical Report 22 - Review of 'Burn Brighter 2012', and summary of smoke surveys in several Tasmanian towns, 2010-2012 (Note: 12 Meg file size)

  BLANkET Technical Report 23 - Air quality and the January 2013 Tasmanian bushfires   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 24 - Smoke from the Mt Direction fuel-reduction burn, 29-30 May 2013   (5Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 25 - Smoke from an agricultural burn-off near Campbell Town, 16 July 2013   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 26 - Smoke in northwest Tasmania   (6Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 27 - A review of 2013 BLANkET data, including the winter 2013 'Burn Brighter' program in Geeveston and Hadspen   (13Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 28 - PM2.5 levels at a residence in Invermay. Launceston, July 2014   (4Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 29 - Smoke in northern Tasmania from a west coast planned burn, 15 October 2014   (9Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 30 - Unusually–elevated coarse particles concentration across Tasmania, 3rd January 2015   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Technical Report 31 - Overview of the BLANkET smoke monitoring network, 2009-2015   (8Mb)

BLANkET Bri​​ef reports​ - short reports that collate and collect information on events for future reference

(Some may be expanded into Technical reports at a later date.)

  BLANkET Brief Report 1 - Fingal 20th May 2009   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 2 - Fingal 18th June 2009   (470Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 3 - Fingal 24th June 2009   (203Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 4 - St Helens 19th November 2009   (468Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 5 - Smoke in northern Tasmania, 17 March 2010 - an extended summary of BLANkET Technical Report 9   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 6 - Bushfire smoke at Scottsdale - 17 February 2010   (753Kb)

  BLANkET brief report 7 - Smoke from a bushfire at Ansons Bay - north-east Tasmania - moving into the Tamar Valley - 23rd January 2010   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 8 - Smoke at Fingal 3rd May 2010 - a possible source at 70 km distance   (739Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 9 - Local smoke at Fingal 15th and 16th of June 2010   (279Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 10 - A small grassfire at Mowbray, Launceston, 30th December 2010   (619Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 11 - Car-based monitoring of a smoke plume from an agricultural burn in the northern midlands - 25 February 2011   (686Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 12 - Smoke from a forest industry burn - Moorina - north-east Tasmania - 28 April 2011   (969Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 13 - smoke near St Peters Pass   (980Kb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 14 - Diesel engine exhaust at Gretna   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 15 - Grass fire at George Town, 28 January 2012   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 16 - Smoke at Sheffield, 22 November 2010   (3Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 17 - Small burn-off at George Town   (5Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 18 - Waste burn-off at George Town   (2Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 19 - Small hazard reduction burn, Southern Tasmania   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 20 - Optical haze in northwest Tasmania   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 21 - Chimney smoke over a residential boundary   (1Mb)

  BLANkET Brief Report 22 - Smoke monitoring of a fire training exercise, Spreyton, October 2015   (2Mb)

​CASANZ papers​ - papers ​​presented by the Air Section, EPA Tasmania, at the biennial CASANZ meetings

​2019 meeting

  Some examples of how a woodheater/woodburner can smoke out a neighbour, and why is it so hard to fix the problem?   (3Mb)

  Estimating Tasmanian winter-time population exposure to PM2.5 using a two-parameter, empirically-based method   (739Kb)

  Recent bushfire smoke intervals in Tasmania, with an emphasis on the 2019 January-February impacts   (289Kb)

  Some Tasmanian work on measuring the penetration of ambient smoke into buildings   (2Mb)

Presented ​​at prev​​ious meetings

  The BLANkET network (2011)   (666Kb)

  A new look at the temperature correction of TEOM data (2013)   (688Kb)​

  Car-based smoke survey measurements with Travel BLANkET (2013)   (4Mb)

  "babyBLANkET" - a low cost, real-time, smoke monitoring station (2015)   (2Mb)

  "Burn Brighter" - assessing the effectiveness of ​a woodheater intervention program (2015)   (439Kb)

  Car-based smoke surveys at the Hazelwood fire   (2015) (2Mb)

Smoke levels in a residential backyard in Invermay, Launceston (2015) (pdf, 1445kb)

  A case-study of smoke from a single woodheater - Claremont, Hobart (2017)   (2Mb)

  Spatial distribution of winter woodheater smoke in Launceston (2017)   (8Mb)

  Interannual meteorological influences on winter air quality (extended abstract) (2017)   (227Kb)

​Other Reports​ - analysis of​​​​ air quality data

  Influence of wind direction on measured smoke levels at Ti Tree Bend Launceston   (338Kb)

  A large convective cell over southern Tasmania - 15 February 2010   (844Kb)

  Particle count measurements during and after a haze event - Southern Tasmania - 25th-26th December 2010   (987Kb)

  Report on air quality monitoring during the Longford tyre depot fire, 15th-17th February 2012.   (4Mb)

Other Reports - air monitoring network

  Tasmanian Air Monitoring Update, January 2013   (115Kb)​ - A description of changes to the EPA's air monitoring network

The Environment Protection Authority acknowledges the Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of lutruwita (Tasmania) and pays respect to their Elders, past and present.