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Real-time Air Quality Data - George Town

In mid July 2011 a DRX dustrak and Davis meteorological station were installed at the George Town air station. These instruments are identical with those in use in the BLANkET stations. The installation was carried out by the EPA Division, and was funded through the GAMS committee members.

The two plots below show unvalidated air quality and meteorological data from the George Town air station for today and yesterday.

Please see the information about BLANkET and interpreting the data plots.

Today's unvalidated air quality data from George Town air station

George Town Air Quality Today

Please Note: subject to network connectivity, this plot will be updated approximately every 15 minutes during the day. Use the 'Refresh' or 'Reload' button on your browser (or press F5) to refresh the plot. If networking issues do not allow real-time access on a given day the plot will show the most recently available data.

Yesterday's unvalidated air quality data from George Town air station

George Town Air Quality Yesterday

The yesterday's data plot shows the real-time values measured for the whole day yesterday. If network issues have prevented data updates the plot will show the most recent complete day of data.

Important Note: These data are indicative only, and are provided for public information. These unvalidated data cannot be used to determine if air quality standards have been exceeded.

Final validated data from reference low-volume air samplers will be available on the EPA Division's website after validation. Visit our validated air quality data pages.

In keeping with legislative requirements the data are reported in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) throughout the year.

PM2.5 is an indicator of smoke. These are the red square symbols in the plots. PM2.5 values below 5 µg m-3 signify very clear air. On a smoky winter's evening in Hobart or Launceston PM2.5 may be near 50 µg m-3 for several hours.

National Environmental Protection Measure (NEPM) Air Standards


The 24-hour reporting standard for PM10 is 50 µg m-3. The 24-hour advisory reporting standard for PM2.5 is 25 µg m-3.

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