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Visualisations of BLANkET air network data

​On this page you will find links to animated representations of the BLANkET air network PM2.5 and wind data for the specified intervals. The animations are mp4 files and can be relatively large (around 50 Mb in some cases).

Note: The mp4 files will open and play in some versions of Internet Explorer, but in general they won't open in Firefox. (This is a known issue with Firefox.) If they don't play directly in your browser you should try downloading them to your computer ('right-click' on the link and select 'save link as...' or 'save target as...' or similar). You can then view the file locally with a media player. (You could try the freeware 'VLC' from VideoLAN if your current media player reports an incompatible 'codecs' error.)

(For advanced Firefox users: Some users report that to prevent your browser from trying to autoplay the mp4 (and to automatically download the file instead) enter about:config and set 'media.mp4.enabled' to false. EPA Tasmania does not endorse or otherwise support this information.)

Some animations show day-averaged (as calendar-day averages) PM2.5 and wind data, others show hour-averaged data.  PM2.5 values are represented by the colour and size of circular symbols plotted at the station locations. The key at lower right indicates the PM2.5 levels. Wind direction and speed are represented by the green arrows. The direction the arrow is pointing represents the direction the wind is blowing. The length of the arrow represents the wind speed.

The date and time are shown along the top of the map. For hour-averaged data the 'hour hand' also rotates on a clock near the top of the map.

On the right of the map there is a list of stations (identified by a two-letter abbreviation) and a running total of the number of PM2.5 measurements over a specified limit (usually 25 microgram/cubic metre) since the start of the interval of the animation. For day-averaged data, values above 25 micrograms/cubic metre represent levels above the 24-hour national air quality standard for PM2.5. For hour-averaged data, values above 25 micrograms/cubic metre are above the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services 'air advisory' level for sensitive people.

You can refer to our current 'real-time' air quality map to help in identifying the air stations. Note that three stations, established early on, are no longer operational. These are Carrick ('CA', decommissioned in early 2013 after Hadspen station was installed); Bryn Estyn ('BE', decommissioned in February 2013 after New Norfolk station was installed); and Clearys Gates ('CG', decommissioned in early 2013) which was originally established in support of a road-side air-toxics monitoring site. The CG station was reconfigured as a solar-powered unit and was deployed at Mornington in July 2013. Note also that Scottsdale station ('SC') established in May 2009, at a site approximately 2 km from the town, was moved into the town in February 2016.


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