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A teaching resource for primary schools developed by EPA Tasmania on plastic waste

EPA Tasmania has recently developed a teaching resource on the very topical issue of plastic waste.  This primary school teaching resource will enable students to investigate the role and uses of plastic in our world, how plastic consumption and waste affects our environment (particularly in the sea) and how students can reduce, re-use and recycle plastics. 

The resource is aligned with various subject areas in the Australian Curriculum, in particular the Science Curriculum. It is tailored for Grade 4 students, but can also be applied in other classes.

There are 14 Lessons and 7 Extension activities: plenty to keep teachers and students busy!  Particularly with the advent of ABC television’s War on Waste, there has been a lot of enthusiasm and uptake of the resource by teachers.

EPA Tasmania acknowledges the support of DPIPWE’s Phil Wise and the Marine Conservation Program, for supplying photos.  And for the ever-patient Gina Donnelly, for her ‘out of the box’ design work!

If staff know any teachers who may be interested in this resource, see https://epa.tas.gov.au/sustainability/resources-for-schools/waste-education

Contact Maree Bakker for more information Maree.Bakker@epa.tas.gov.au